Film Interns and Employers Unite in the UK

Could it be that the film industry across the pond has figured out how to bridge a fair alliance between newbies and veterans? The UK now offers an online job recruitment service known as “My First Job in Film”. What makes it different? This particular service requires that all jobs posted must follow the “Skillset Guidelines for Work Placement Schemes in the Creative Industries”. That’s right. Both employers and potential candidates are on the same page from the very start about work hours, pay rates and job responsibilities. What the what? A recent blast from Screen Daily cites they’ve had “3000 prospective interns and 100 companies” sign up already.

As someone still recovering from film job search exhaustion, I would love to see a site like this make its way over to the US. Depending on which city you’re based in, applying for jobs in the entertainment industry can be overwhelming. Look on any company website and it appears they’re in a hiring freeze. Browse on the madhouse that is Craigslist or, if you dare. Or you can spend hours crafting that inquiry email (not asking for a job, of course) to a friend of a friend who works at that place you stalk on Twitter.

The discussion of unpaid internships here in the US may have been put on pause, but folks are still down in the trenches. I recently went on interviews in LA for unpaid positions and was a caught off guard at managers saying they would be flexible if I had to take rearrange my schedule to fit in outside paid work and overemphasizing networking opportunities within departments. I guess they get it too. When you’re a student in an unpaid internship, it’s expected that you’ll take on the new role as if it were another academic course. However, once you’re hitting almost two years out of school, everyone is more upfront about the cards on the table. Refreshing, but I think we can do better.

My First Job in Film has all the right jargon to make me buy a plane ticket, but as with the latest iPhone, I’ll wait till they work out all the kinks.

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