Rock The Box Office and See “Middle of Nowhere” TODAY


If you uttered the words “indie” or “independent film” at all this year, this post especially goes out to you. Opening day/weekend for any film produced outside of the Hollywood studio system is a big deal. It can set the stakes for theatrical expansion into other cities and most importantly, if that filmmaker makes a follow-up project. You could see ARGO or SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS or even stay in with Netflix, Redbox or whatever’s on Demand. Or you could help one of your comrades in this crazy business we love so much. If you are in the LA, NYC, DC, Philadelphia or Atlanta area, this indie is asking you to see MIDDLE OF NOWHERE by writer/director Ava DuVernay THIS WEEKEND.

If you haven’t heard about MIDDLE OF NOWHERE from the multitude of praise for the film in popular arts columns and blogs, TV network interviews with DuVernay and this week’s latest and greatest endorsement from Oprah Winfrey, then consider this one more supporter buzzing in your ear. I’ve seen the film and it is captivating portrait of a Black woman named Ruby torn between living in a standstill and a future where she puts herself first. DuVernay’s crafted a fine tale and I’m positive anyone can find something to relate to in Ruby’s story.

Award-winning writer/director Ava DuVernay (Photo:

You could say I’m bias because I’d publicly announced my admiration for DuVernay’s career thus far, but hey Google her name and you’ll see I’m not the only one. With only her second narrative feature debuting theatrically this weekend, DuVernay is the first Black woman to win the best Best Directing Award at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. That is a groundbreaking accomplishment that should not go unacknowledged. Distributed in a collaboration Participant Media, MIDDLE OF NOWHERE is another compelling story brought to you by the African-American Film Festival Release Movement (AFFRM) founded by DuVernay. AFFRM is a platform movement that distributes 2 films a year: DuVernay’s personal projects and work by new artists of color.

Below I’ve posted banner from AFFRM’s Facebook page. It’s a handy schedule for your mission this weekend that I’ve subtlety been hinting at. If MIDDLE OF NOWHERE is playing in your area, please don’t put off seeing this movie in theaters today. If it’s not in your city yet, why not buy a ticket online in support? You’ll be a better indie for it.

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4 thoughts on “Rock The Box Office and See “Middle of Nowhere” TODAY

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  2. […] DuVernay’s award-winning film, MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, debuted as the #1 independent film last weekend. Woot woot! Everything about MIDDLE OF NOWHERE’s theatrical distribution is a stellar example of the power of grassroots PR and thrives on support from the indie community. Now opening in new cities today, visit for theater information. For a refresher on Ava DuVernay, AFFRM and MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, here’s my post about last week’s release. […]

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