“Happy Endings” Reveals Being The Underdog Has Its Perks

“Happy Endings” may be returning tonight for its 3rd season on ABC and have a hilarious meme site, but the show is still low on the live ratings totem pole. Last month, The A.V. Club sat down with the sitcom’s showrunners and it looks like a small audience turnout might be what gives the show its trademark charm. The writers and actors are free to explore every possible comedic angle for storylines, play with genres and build meaningful (logical) relationships between characters. Veteran shows are tangled in rules, threats of viewer backlash and execs hovering over their shoulders. Perhaps this explains “Max”, the slobbish man-child gay guy who is the polar opposite of “Will and Grace” and “Modern Family”. He’s the most refreshing character on TV to me simply because he is like nothing I’ve ever seen.

I tend to regularly watch a small lineup of TV shows these day. One of my favorites is “Happy Endings”. The show many have dubbed “The new Friends”, is another case of the network underdog. Shows like this aren’t getting the best ratings and it’s a miracle they are even renewed each season. Other examples of network underdogs include “Community” and “Parks and Rec” over at NBC. I know, I know, you’re going to say “But those shows have such a large fanbase.” I’m just speaking strictly based on the number of live viewers. We’re lucky that our constant streaming of these shows on Hulu hasn’t sunk any ships.

With its move to Tuesday night, the big question is: Will people switch over from “New Girl”, “Go On” and “NCIS” to watch “Happy Endings”?

The 3rd season of “Happy Endings” premieres tonight 9 PM / 8 PM Central on ABC.

Read the full A.V. Club interview HERE.

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