Queue It Up: “Misfits” Season 4 Now Streaming on Hulu

Click HERE for the latest Season 4 episodes now streaming on Hulu. 

“Misfits” will continue airing on Hulu for fans with new Season 4 episodes posted on Mondays following the Sunday UK broadcast. Before it’s rumored to be adapted for American TV, please take the opportunity to bask in the original.

I can’t gush enough about this show. Thee British hit series on Channel 4 is uncensored and wonderfully pushes the boundaries of TV dramas with a youthful cast. I only describe this show as Skins (UK) meets Heroes but much better. Thanks to Hulu, not only are all three previous seasons of the series are available to watch for free, but now those of us in the United States don’t have to wait to watch this current season either.  That’s right. No more waiting anxiously and Googling for torrents!


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3 thoughts on “Queue It Up: “Misfits” Season 4 Now Streaming on Hulu

  1. Sally Smith says:

    I AM SO EXCITEDDDDDDD!!!!! boooo to US remakes.

  2. NinaG says:

    I watched the first episode of the first season today. One of the women has the superpower of being sexually assaulted? I’m confused and a bit apprehensive about the show. Can you give me some insight?

    • Hi Nina, I’ve alway seen that Alisha’s power is a pheromone emitted through her skin that cause people to be intensely attracted to her if they come in physical contact with her. It’s not exactly a light show and they do push boundaries, but I think that’s what good drama does. Hope you keep watching. Thanks for reading the blog!


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