The secret behind making movies? Edward Burns says “Just Keep Making Movies” in Filmmaker Mag Interview


Look, if you want to make movies you have to just keep making movies. I am super aggressive on Twitter and Facebook, on shamelessly promoting and pushing and begging for kindness and eyeballs. It’s not just for filmmakers; it’s for anyone who wants to do this, whether you’re an indie rock band or publishing your first e-book. You have to do it. It is a long uphill battle, but you actually do see results. That said you’re not going to become a millionaire. Those days for the most part are over. You might just make enough where you feel good enough about making another movie.”

You can read the full interview with Burns on the newly revamped Filmmaker Magazine website HERE. Bookmark the link. Print out the interview and post it somewhere you can see it every day. Send it to every friend you have pursuing a career as a filmmaker or any type of creative endeavour.

Burns’ latest Long Island-Irish-American-talkie film, “The Fitzgerald Family Christmas” is now available on VOD and playing in select theaters.

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