THR’s Directors Roundtable: Typical Boy’s Club or Stellar Group of Artists Who Happen To Be Male?


Whatever your opinion, I hope that you will take the time check out the full interview. I prefer this style of Awards Season coverage because it finally intimately spotlights the artists, letting them speak for themselves about their work. I wouldn’t necessarily call either of these guys my favorite director, but I learned a ton from their roundtable. The moderator’s questions are insightful and egos seem to be checked at the door. Yes, I too am wondering why Kathryn Bigelow (ZERO DARK THIRTY) and Ava DuVernay (MIDDLE OF NOWHERE) weren’t included, but perhaps this is just another time to earnestly listen to who is featured.


My favorite moments:

Tom Hooper (LES MISERABLES) on secrets behind a lasting career: “Important to  keep people around you are brutally honest.” He mentioned that his family are his best critics.

David O. Russell (THE SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK) on staying sane in this business: “You go home and focus on things that are not yourself. That’s the only way to be sane.”

Quentin Tarantino (DJANGO UNCHAINED) describing his writing process: ” When I’m writing, it’s about the page. The literature. My first artistic contribution. If I’m doing it right, if I were to publish it, I’d be done. I’d be okay with that’s it. I wanna love that script so much that I want to stop.

Ben Affleck (ARGO) on editing process: “You have to be willing to be that director that examines his own movies in a ruthless way…”

Ang Lee (LIFE OF PI) on staying sane in Hollywood: “It is hard. but for some reason to me, it’s working. Creating insanity to stay insane  (in…sanity). When you’re working, that’s when you’re sane. It’s the inbetween that’s crazy.

Gus Van Sant (PROMISED LAND) on the most difficult aspect of being a director: “Something harder than making a movie is not making a movie.”

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