Let’s Call It A Weekend! (Hot Topics Round-up)

Unchained Movie Nights: “Zero Dark Thirty”

I think it’s pretty safe to say ZDT is one of the most anticipated films of the year. Here’s what Sean thought of Oscar winner Kathryn Bigelow’s latest war film.

Our new “Unchained Resources” page

Who says you need a film degree to make it in the biz? Here are a few of our our favorite web links for all things indie film. Any others we should add?


    • South Arts’ Southern Circuit is providing filmmakers with the paid opportunity to participate in a six-venue tour of the Southeastern United States to screen their films for new audiences. Submit feature-length work by January 10th.
    • Hey UK-based indies: Sundance London is hosting a short film contest. Submit your best entry based on the concept of “time” by Feb 28th!


    • Sean called it “the scariest film of the year” back in January  and now you can judge for yourself. “Martha Marcy May Marlene” (or as the cool kids say “MMMM”) is now on Netflix Instant.
    • Kickstarter-funded? 2012 SXSW selection? Features Girl Talk music? Stop whatever you’re doing and check out the full dance film “Girl Walk // All Day”online today.
    • It’s not secret how much I love “Beasts of the Southern Wild” since seeing it in Park City back earlier this year. Now the multiple award-winning story of a little Black girl named Hushpuppy living in a magical place called the Bathtub is available for pre-order on Amazon
       & Best-Buy. Official release date is 12/4.

    CALL FOR INDIES (Filmmaker Opportunities)

    • Full Frame Doc Fest(based in North Carolina) is looking for Spring Programming Interns. Apply by Dec. 21st.
    • “American Promise”(which will premiere in the documentary competition at Sundance 2013) is seeking interns based in Brooklyn.Don’t miss out!


    • Screening your film at a festival for the first time? Check out some tips from 3-time Sundance alum Michael Mohan.
    • Stars of “Django Unchained” Kerry Washington and Jamie Foxx speak candidly about what might be the first ever love story with a Black hero set during slavery (James on Screens).
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