How to Enjoy Sundance 2013 From Home


I still can’t believe the biggest film kid meetup of the year is almost half over. Things are still very much happening during Sundance’s B Week (the 10 days are often referred to as A Week and B Week by attendees who aren’t staying the whole festival). If you’re an indie film lover like me, but couldn’t make it up to Park City this year, have no fear. The festival has done a great job of providing event content of all sorts available anywhere with an internet signal. Enjoy!

Option 1: Livestreams
At Sundance, no indie film lover is left out. At almost every film screening, panel and music performance I’ve attended, I’ve always seen a staff member behind a camera recording the experience. One of my favorites was definitely EL MARIACHI From The Collection Screening Q&A with director Robert Rodriguez.

For the full list of B Week events scheduled for streaming (like the Awards Ceremony on 1/26) and recently archived videos from the first week, visit the festival Live Streaming page.

Option 2: Select Short Films on Youtube

Wait? How can you put your short online and still screen at Sundance? As Bob Dylan sang, “the times they are a-changin'” which basically means there are no rules anymore. The festival and Youtube partnered to curate a channel called “The Screening Room”, which features 10 programmed shorts. This is a resource I can’t recommend enough to folks hoping to one day screen their own short at Sundance or who sadly were not accepted into the festival this year.

In case you missed the news last month, “for 2013, 65 short films were selected from more than 8,000 submissions.” I think aspiring and established filmmakers can learn two things from the Sundance/YT shorts page. First, these shorts have something that thousands of others didn’t. Watch with an open mind and maybe you’ll gain some insight on if your stories fit this particular festival. Second, this is a prime example of a “day-and-date” release model. When your short screens at a festival venue, it’s pretty much a one-time event. Why not do some research to see if you could have your premiere in person and online. Too many eyes on content you’re passionate about is never a bad thing.

Option 3: Meet The Artist Interviews

One of the things I love most about the festival is that the filmmakers are give the spotlight from day one. The Meet the Artist video interviews give us a glimpse into what it’s like to be one of the lucky few chosen to premiere their fim at Sundance. Sort of like a pre-screening Q&A, I hope that the words of artists such as Ryan Coogler, FRUITVALE; Dawn Porter, GIDEON’S ARMY; Roger Ross Williams, GOD LOVES UGANDA and more leave you inspired to support their projects and perhaps even jumpstart your own.

Option 4: Sundance Film Festival USA

For the second year, the festival will take an array of films on the road to screen in select U.S. cities beyond Park City, LA and NYC on January 31st. For more information about the films and theater showtimes, please visit the Sundance USA page.

Bonus Option 5: DIY your own Sundance experience

You can bet the film community will still be talking all about Sundance this week. Take a quick visit to any web search engine and who knows what goodies you’ll find. For example, The LA Times has their own video guide HERE.

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