Tugg Inc. Wants To Help You Create Movie Nights at Your Local Theater


I’ve been hearing whispers for a while about a company called Tugg Inc. that would essentially give film lovers the power to bring the films they want to the big screen. I didn’t give it much thought because, well I don’t have a feature film seeking theatrical distribution. But when I saw a Facebook post announcing that “Middle of Nowhere” by Ava DuVernay would be available for Tugg screenings, I was reminded of what a great platform this could be.

How does Tugg work?

It’s pretty simple:

  • Become a “promoter” by requesting a title from our library of films and provide your preferred event details.
  • Set up your event with the help of a Tugg representative.
  • Spread the word to your friends and community and encourage them to buy tickets.
  • Get enough people to reserve their tickets and meet the ticket threshold in order to confirm your event.
  • Sit back and enjoy the show!

“Middle of Nowhere” is the latest release from AFFRM, founded by DuVernay. The film premiered at Sundance last year where DuVernay won Best Director and is currently playing in select cities. The beautiful thing about films released by AFFRM is that they are championed by true film lovers. When the film was initially released back in October across major American cities, I saw folks on every social network talking about one thing: You should see this movie today!

I think any film with a solid fanbase would definitely benefit from a partnership with Tugg Inc. Filmmakers who are awaiting DVD release (or just seeking additional distribution avenues) could add their films to the Tugg catalog for eager audiences. Cinephiles who live outside limited release cities would then have the opportunity to bring festival favorites to their local cinema. Win-win.

And to those fans of AFFRM who didn’t get to see “Middle of Nowhere” in theaters last fall, here’s your chance!

Have you ever been to a Tugg screening? Is there a film that you would be willing to create a Tugg event for? 

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One thought on “Tugg Inc. Wants To Help You Create Movie Nights at Your Local Theater

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