APPLY: Telluride Film Festival Now Hiring For 2013 PA Program

2013  Telluride Film Festival Production Apprentice Program

“For those who want the fullest ‘behind-the-scenes’ adventure, we select 8-10 eager applicants as Production Apprentices for an intensive 6 weeks of preparation in Telluride. Remember the Elementary School gym that transforms into a galactic movie palace? That takes many hands and long hours. Carpentry, rigging, painting and other production skills — apprentices acquire a real hands-on view of assembling a world-class event from the ground up.

Like other volunteers, the Production Apprentices will not be compensated monetarily during the 5-day festival itself, but receive a Festival pass and privileges in exchange for time working during the Festival weekend.”

Deadline: April 22nd

Program Dates: Monday, July 29th through Friday, September 6th

website: (scroll down to the bottom of the page, click on the 2013 Production Apprentice Application Form download option)


The Telluride Film Festival will always have a special place in my heart because it was my first *paid* festival gig. If you love festing as much as I do, then apply today. The Production Apprentice program (aka “DOG” program) is like no other. Last summer, I chronicled my trip to the beautiful mountain town right here on Indies. If you have any questions, shoot me a comment below.

Unchained at Telluride: Week 1

Unchained at Telluride: Week 2

Unchained at Telluride: Week 3

Unchained at Telluride: Week 4 

Unchained at Telluride: Week 5

Unchained at Telluride: The Recap

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One thought on “APPLY: Telluride Film Festival Now Hiring For 2013 PA Program

  1. UhNonYMus says:

    I applied! I hope I get it! My only other film festival experience is Tribeca.


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