Do You Know The Oscar Nominees For Best Short Film?


Awards Season is my favorite time of year because I learn so much about every side of filmmaking today from the Hollywood insiders without having to fly to Los Angeles or be “in the biz”. Seriously, every film press site posts a new interview or panel at least twice a day and the real pros even dedicate a whole page to “Oscar talk”. The great folks at ShortsHD have curated a fantastic page celebrating the Best Short Film nominees.

I’ve seen two of the Best Animated Short noms, “Paperman” (it was everything I miss about animated films and made me long for the traditional Disney style I grew up with) and “Fresh Guacamole” (stop-motion is black magic and I love it). As for the Live Action and Documentary Shorts, I keep hearing buzz about “Inocente” but have been too overwhelmed by ARGO vs. Lincoln vs. Silver Linings vs. ZDT chatter to do my research.

While it seems more realistic for a filmmaker to aspire to win Best Short as opposed to the feature category, it also grows more competitive everyday with cheaper cameras, Youtube, Kickstarter, etc. The most common way a short film can become eligible for a nomination is to win top prize at a qualifying film festival. So your film’s got to be good and I mean GOOD. Sunday is fast approaching and I think it’s time to show some love to the little guys and gals. Huge thanks to Shorts HD for these interviews! These films are currently playing in theaters across select cities (and if you’re lucky, the animated shorts are still posted somewhere on the blogosphere).

If you’ve seen any of the nominated films, which do you think will win gold?

Best Animated Short Film

“Adam and Dog” by Minkyu Lee

“Paperman” by John Kahrs

“The Longest Daycare” by David Silverman

Best Live Action Short

“Asad” by Bryan Buckley

“Buzkashi Boys” by Sam French

“Curfew” by Shawn Christensen

“Death of a Shadow” by Tom van Avermaet

“Henry” by Yan England

Best Documentary (Short Subject)

“Inocente” by Sean Fine & Andrea Nix Fine

“Kings Point” by Sari Gilman

“Mondays at Racine” by Cynthia Wade

“Open Heart” by Kief Davidson

“Redemption” by Matthew O’Neill and Jon Alpert

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2 thoughts on “Do You Know The Oscar Nominees For Best Short Film?

  1. I actually used to intern for Bryan Buckley at his production company, Hungry Man. I got to meet him a few times and worked for him once.


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