WATCH & VOTE: Afrinolly Short Film Competition Finalists


Afrinolly Short Film Competition (via Shadow And Act)

Voting ends on March 8th.

The Afrinolly Short Film Competition is aimed at digitally showcasing African cinema talent and providing a platform to foster the generation and of African content and make same available online.

The 20 finalists – ten each from the short film and documentary categories – were selected on the basis of the narrative’s imagination and originality, the plot’s ability to attract and retain the viewer’s attention, clarity of purpose and an overall professional impression. Other criteria for selection included having adept mastery of technical aspects i.e. sound quality, costume, acting, screenplay, editing, lighting and camera work.

A cash prize of $25,000 goes to the overall winners in both categories, while the first and second runners-up will receive $10,000 and $5,000 respectively. Outstanding participants also have the opportunity to sign online distribution and content deals with Afrinolly.

To vote:

Whenever I’m feeling stalled on my own creative projects, I like to dive head first into someone’s else work. The internet is a great resource for taking an “inspiration break” especially as more short film contests like Afrinolly are allowing the general public to help narrow down winners.

When you’re just starting out, it can feel like you’re constantly guessing what the gatekeepers are looking for in new talent. Now here’s a chance for you to not only discover what makes the cut, but also give your two cents. Just imagine the new voices might you discover and help with you vote. Don’t forget to comment on the finalist’s Youtube page (you know the filmmakers are reading them) and share the link with your filmmaker friends.

I like to think that each time I vote and blog about these public-voting competitions, I’m paying it forward for all the times (past, present and future) where I’ve needed someone to support my work.

Do you watch short films to help break out of your creative block? Have you ever voted in an online film contest?

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