Diverse Film Fests Offer Big Opportunities On Small Screens


Film festivals partnering with cable TV? Yes, you heard right. But how? Recently I’ve seen a few filmmakers that I follow Twitter alerting folks to short films airing this month on HBO:

I haven’t had cable for a long time, so I took a second to Google search “play your short film on HBO”.

Everything I needed to know was in one handy article from IFP titled “HBO, A Major Player in Niche Cultural Festivals”. Author Dolly Turner reveals HBO has been a longtime supporter of festivals specifically for diverse filmmakers:

“One of the best indicators for the quality of talent you might find and overall festival experience is the HBO stamp of approval. HBO has been the largest supporter of cultural festivals for the past 15 years, playing a significant role in providing these filmmakers with recognition and career opportunities. HBO also canvasses the festivals to acquire LGBT, Asian, Latino, and African American films to provide diverse programming for a variety of channels including HBO on Demand, HBO GO, HBO Latino that have proven to be profitable for the network. For filmmakers, an HBO Award offers meaningful industry credibility, an opportunity to showcase their film on the leading pay network, revenue from award prizes and licensing deals to begin their next project, and direct access to acquisitions and development executives.

I had a great experience screening my short film “Jemila’s Tale” at Urbanworld Film Festival back in 2011, which also has a partnership with HBO. As a festival platform for filmmakers of color, I felt a great sense of community.

Are you a niche filmmaker? Consider submitting your next short film to American Black Film Festival, NY International Latino Film Festival, Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival or any of the HBO-sponsored festivals highlighted in the article. Your film might just win top prize AND screen on TVs, laptops and mobile devices worldwide. What a sweet deal!

And of course, be sure to catch “SLEEP” by Donald Conley and “Busted on Brigham Lane” by Talibah L. Newman on HBO OnDemand today.

Do you ever watch short films on cable TV channels like HBO?

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One thought on “Diverse Film Fests Offer Big Opportunities On Small Screens

  1. […] up on my recent post about film festivals offering opportunities to air on HBO, I reached out to NYC-based filmmaker […]


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