QUEUE IT UP: Jane Campion’s “Top of the Lake” Episode 1 Now Free On iTunes


“A detective investigates the disappearance of a 12-year-old pregnant daughter of a local drug lord.” Starring Elisabeth Moss, Cohen Holloway and Holly Hunter.

Looks like we can all catch a sneak peek of Jane Campion’s new mini-series before the official March 18th broadcast premiere on Sundance Channel. Watch the first hour of the six-episode mini-series on iTunes now. The show was featured at this year’s Sundance Film Festival in a one-day only, six-hour screening that I unfortunately could not make. The trailer caught my eye and I’m intrigued by film directors crossing over to television like David Fincher (“House of Cards” on Netflix) and now Campion.

In my search for Sundance 2013 related soundbites for my quote of the day posts, I found this gem from the acclaimed director:

“A message I’ve been telling myself: the cinema is very conservative, and unless you have a story that satisfies you, that is within the unchallenging zone, but you love it, you can’t do it as cinema. Otherwise, you go do it for television, which is more daring now.”

I’m always happy to see the platform of cable TV offer a home for daring works. It sure beats watching from the sidelines as folks in NYC and LA flock to limited release screenings.

Fun fact: Campion is still the only female Palme d’Or (Best Film) prize winner ever at the Cannes Film Festival (“The Piano” in 1993).

[photo: http://tonybayfield.blogspot.com]

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