Gatekeeper Quote of the Day: Mike Plante (Sundance Shorts Programmer)

“If your goal is to make a feature film, then a great short film that plays well in a theater full of people is the key, not just practicing to make a film. Nick McCarthy wanted to make a creepy-cool horror short, and he made an 8-minute film called “The Pact.” We showed it because it was genuinely creepy and stylish. When it screened well in front of a midnight feature, producers with money in the crowd saw it and found him after the show, asking if he had a feature script they could read. He said he did, and then he went and wrote a draft. McCarthy’s goal with the short was to stay busy, but he wanted to make a short that he would like and get to festivals. The surprise result was a deal to make the feature version, which played Sundance the following year.”

From Sundance Programmer Mike Plante On Going Places with Short Films —  IFP

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