3 Films From Sundance You Need To See In Theaters




The journey from film fest premiere to theatrical release is something I have only witnessed from the sidelines. I imagine containing that joy of finally being notified of an opening date is equal to or greater than child-birth. The best way we film lovers can say “Congrats” to these talented folks…is to see their celluloid babies. So here’s a shameless plug for three of my favorite films from Sundance coming soon to a theater near you: “Filly Brown”, “An Oversimplification of Her Beauty” and “Fruitvale”.



“Filly Brown”
In theaters April 19

Facebook: www.facebook.com/FillyBrown
@FillyBrown  (#FillyBrown)
When is the last time you saw a movie with a Latina lead? Not best friend, girlfriend or co-worker, but literally holding down the mic? “Filly Brown” is a vibrant take on the “young musician trying to make it big despite class/family obstacles” genre led by the talented Gina Rodriguez. Read my review from Sundance 2012 HERE.

“An Oversimplification of Her Beauty”
In theaters April 26


Watch “An Oversimplification” trailer on iTunes.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/OfHerBeauty
Twitter: @OfHerBeauty
If you haven’t seen the trailer for this film, stop whatever you’re doing. With a masterful execution of practically every cinematic technique there is, filmmaker Terence Nance weaves a beautiful take on the universal idea of unrequited love. Read my review from Sundance 2012 HERE.

In theaters July 26


Written & directed by Ryan Coogler. Stars Michael B. Jordan, Octavia Spencer and Melonie Diaz.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/FruitvaleMovie
Twitter: @fruitvalemovie
Whether you already know the story of Oscar Grant or you’ve never heard of him, “Fruitvale” is a beautiful tribute to the young Black man who was killed on New Year’s Day 2009 by a police officer at the Fruitvale subway platform in Oakland. This Sundance 2013 debut from writer/director Ryan Coogler asks viewers to really think about how we treat each other as human beings. Bring some tissues, friends.


Everyday I see these film teams rocking it with their grassroots social media campaigns on Twitter and Facebook. It’s not just the individual cast and crew, but new fans from each screening and the film grant organizations/festivals that have supported them too. It does take a village after all.

Now it’s your turn. Mark your calendars and set your alarms. Tell your friends (take a friend). Instagram yourself with a poster. Blog the rave reviews I know you’ll have.

This is simply the state of things. Not everyone can attend festivals like Sundance. Fortunately, limited theatrical and VOD releases are available to help indies meet America on their terms.

Will you see “Filly Brown”, “An Oversimplification of Her Beauty” and “Fruitvale” in theaters or VOD? 

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