Gatekeeper QOTD: Michelle Satter (Sundance Feature Film Program)

Satter_IU Kyle Buchanan (Movieline): “It is used as a pejorative sometimes in film criticism: “Oh, this project smells like it was developed at the Sundance Labs.” What do you think that means?”

Michelle Satter (Director, Feature Film Program at Sundance Institute): “I don’t know. To some extent, it could be about the idea that there’s some sort of homogenization happening here — that there’s a Sundance way of doing things — but there’s no vision imposed on the project. Everyone gets to make their own choices — we’re not about dictating a way to write a screenplay or direct a scene. What’s exciting is to get into somebody’s head and help them achieve what they want to achieve. Also, for anyone to say that these projects are all the same, they’re not looking at how different these projects are. From Sin Nombre, to Requiem for a Dream, to Amreeka…Hard Eight, Reservoir Dogs…I could go on and on and name films.”

From  Inside the Sundance Labs: Michelle Satter, Director of the Feature Film Program —  Movieline

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