Gatekeeper QOTD: Jacqueline Lyanga (AFI Fest)

Lyanga_IU “What advice do you have for people interested in submitting films for the AFI fest?”
Jacqueline Lyanga (Director, AFI Fest): “You should come to the festival. It’s a great way to get to know what the programming is like, and then you’ll also meet me and the other programmers there. Also to see the filmmakers who are at the festival as well. This year we’ll have close to 150 filmmakers, if not more, at the festival for Q&A’s, so that’s a great place to [be], whether you want to get advice or meet other filmmakers and programmers. We have six programmers and film writers on our jury festival as well. That would be the start. And then I always say be original and find your voice as a filmmaker. Because we see so many films, and it sounds like it’s an easy thing to say, but I think watching as many films as you can and having that breadth of knowledge as a filmmaker is really valuable, and then you can see where you stand. If you stand alongside a trend, sometimes [that’s] what you want to do, or if you stand alone with your own unique voice. Both have value, but I think understanding what each voice and style is, is really important just for anyone as an artist.”

From  What’s Gay About This Year’s AFI Fest (November 2012) —

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