Gatekeeper QOTD: Mark Elijah Rosenberg (Rooftop Films)



Filmmaker Magazine:“What is the selection process itself like? Where do you look to find most of your discoveries?”


Mark Elijah Rosenberg (Founder and Artistic Director, Rooftop Films Summer Series): “When looking at films, we try to find films that are unique, daring, and brilliant, focusing particularly on the personal, and on intimate stories and subjects. We want to find a range of films that will speak to our diverse audience, ranging from hipster kids to older people interested in social justice issues, from avid cinephiles to people in low-income communities who wouldn’t usually go see an independent film. So we want a range of fiction and documentary, comedy and drama, films that provide fresh updates on a classic model, and films that break new ground entirely. But everything we show has an emotional and intellectual core to it that is smart, touching, and engaging.”

From  Mark Elijah Rosenberg Talks Rooftop Films —  Filmmaker Magazine

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