Gatekeeper QOTD: Chicken and Egg Pictures


Action Now Network: “Do you fund 100% of the project or do the filmmakers need to bring additional funding?”

Chicken and Egg Pictures: “Our grants typically about $10,000 – $15,000 matched with 10 hours of mentorship.  The average budget is a few hundred thousand dollars for a feature length documentary.  Typically, a filmmaker will have to go to a many foundations to get grants to complete the work.  Often, we’ll be the first money into a project, which helps the filmmaker leverage other means of support .  If they get the Chicken & Egg stamp of approval, it means a lot. When we Executive Produce a project, in addition to committing more of our time, we pledge to find more money through matching grants, or we commit more of our own funds.”

From  Featured Organization: Chicken & Egg Pictures —  Action Now Network

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