Gatekeeper QOTD: Debra Zimmerman (Women Make Movies)

zimmerman_iu Center for Social Media: Tell me about the fiscal sponsorship service.

Debra Zimmerman (Executive Director, Women Make Movies): “That is actually the biggest part of our Production Assistance Program. It began in 1988, and we’ve sponsored maybe 150 projects. What we’re able to do for these filmmakers is offer them a nonprofit, tax-exempt umbrella. This allows them to go to funders and get funding from a) foundations that are not able legally to give money to individuals and need to give it to nonprofit organizations, or b) to individuals or corporations that want a tax write-off. In some ways it makes it possible for them to get the money to get their films made.

And at the same time we offer them consultation services and suggestions on where they might go to get funding. It’s a lot easier for somebody to get funding when it’s being put forth by an organization that has a track record of using grants well from that funder. Unfortunately, we’re only able to do it within the US even though we get a lot of request from outside of the US, something that we’re trying to deal with in the coming years.”

From  Debra Zimmerman and Women Make Movies —  Center for Social Media

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