Where Are The Brown Women Filmmakers?

Secret Life Bees Press Conference TIFF 2008 qWNrkiJ9gSOlGina Prince-Bythewood
The director of classic “I can watch it anytime” film LOVE AND BASKETBALL received a warm introduction from fellow filmmaker Malcolm D. Lee after joining Twitter last week. Here’s hoping for some behind-the-scenes tweets about her latest love story, BLACKBIRD. I love that more filmmakers are embracing social media. Such a great way to interact with fans (old and new).You can follow her at @GPBmadeit.


Nikyatu Jusu

I never thought I’d ever be excited to see yet another project about vampires, but this new webseries teaser from the talented Brooklyn-based filmmaker Nikyatu Jusu has me very intrigued. The project is titled “Suicide by Sunlight” and follows a group of Black female vampires in NYC. Jusu’s also working on a feature, FREE THE TOWN, which was just included in Film Independent’s Fast Track film financing market.


Haifaa Al Mansour
Huge congrats to Haifaa Al Mansour, who was named President of the International Jury for this year’s Venice Film Festival. She’s already made cinematic history as the first female director in Saudi Arabia. If you’re in the UK, her feature debut WADJDA is coming out in theaters July 19th.

Kasi Lemmons
Some say it’s near impossible to make your first film. Well, I say check out the stats on second and third films, particularly for women of color filmmakers. That is reason #105 why I’m looking forward to seeing Kasi Lemmon’s BLACK NATIVITY, a contemporary adaptation of Langston Hughes’ play. The newest project from the award-winning director of EVE’S BAYOU and TALK TO ME will hit theaters November 27th. If you missed the teaser trailer during the BET Awards, you can catch it HERE.

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One thought on “Where Are The Brown Women Filmmakers?

  1. irscriptwriter says:

    Regarding, “check out the stats on second and third films, particularly for women filmmakers”

    Where is your information indicating it is harder for a woman to make a 2nd or 3rd film than a man? Where are these “stats”? Do you have a link?



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