Where Are The Brown Women Filmmakers?


Lena Waithe
First thing’s first. If you have not seen the trailer for DEAR WHITE PEOPLE — watch THIS please. Clearly a student of the #stayworking generation of media makers, Lena Waithe’s latest project TWENTIES hit the web on Monday. My guess is that her team’s “pilot presentation” strategy is to bring as many eyes to the 4-part episode now available on Youtube before the show makes its way to a TV near you. Plus Queen Latifah is part of the producing team. I am all in!


Zhao Wei, Xu Jinglei, Li Yu and Xue Xialo
If you were to ask me to name today’s popular Asian filmmakers working today, I could maybe name three max (Ang Lee, Wong Kar Wai and Johnnie To). Ask me to name some ladies and well…cue the crickets. A huge thanks to the LA Times for introducing me to a talented group of female Asian directors. Clockwise from the left in the photo, meet Zhao Wei (SO YOUNG), Xu Jinglei (MY FATHER AND I), Li Yu (FISH AND ELEPHANT) and Xue Xialo (FINDING MR. RIGHT). I’m committing their names/films to memory and definitely going to seek out their work. Will you?

Tamae Garateguy
In the first round of Fantastic Fest titles announced a couple of weeks ago, my eyes immediately went to a North American premiere film called SHE WOLF. Director Tamae Garateguy is repping Argentina with a black and white erotic thriller featuring a female lead. Ummm, Keanu who?


Mira Nair
It seems like just yesterday Mira Nair was at Tribeca with a film adaptation of the novel A RELUCTANT FUNDAMENTALIST. Next up: She’s working on Fox Searchlight’s BENGALI DETECTIVE, based on a Sundance 2011 documentary about a private eye who just wants to dance.



Angela Tucker

I first heard of Angela Tucker when a co-worker forwarded me a link to a wonderfully titled webseries called “Black Folk Dont…”. The idea was genius, no question. I spent my summer awaiting each new episode and nodding in agreement as man-on-the-street style interviewees dissected Black stereotypes. Today Tucker is crowdfunding for a new short project, JUST THE THREE OF US. Holler if you got a dollar!

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One thought on “Where Are The Brown Women Filmmakers?

  1. Sally Smith says:

    Im so excited for the project ‘Dear White People’!!!!!!!!!!! Im so happy that they met their campaign goal and are in the middle of shooting. woop woop!!! its gonna be grrrrrrrrrrreat!


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