BREAKING INTO the film industry by BREAKING OUT.

Christina, Christopher, Sean, and Jalissa launched Indies Unchained in January 2012 as a result of today’s television and film industry. What began as informal discussions about the field we’ve grown to love (and accept) has inevitably become passionate narratives we wish to communicate with the world.

Our blog seeks to provide an insight into the struggles independent filmmakers and writers at present face by examining and explicating the methodology of Hollywood as well as exploring the trends and progressions of tomorrow’s visionaries. Each of our unique voices as emerging creatives aim to inspire our readers through film and TV reviews, observations, commentaries, and even personal projects.

We welcome our readers to join in on the discussion so that we can discern and analyze this industry as a team. We’ve broken free from our shackles and invite you all to do the same. Let’s join forces on the movement that is… Indies Unchained!

Have questions, comments or general awesomeness to share? Email us at indiesunchained@gmail.com.

One thought on “About

  1. Jim Hearne says:

    We are going to give it a shot…the development/pre-production phases are a hurdle for sure.
    All us “Indie’s” need to stick together and share our challenges and successes.


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