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APPLY: Pitch Your Best Nonfiction Idea for 2013 AbelCine Documentary Grant


Deadline: August 20  extended to August 27


“Do you have an idea for a compelling documentary project? The 2013 AbelCine Documentary Grant was established to help get your story told. We’re asking you to create a 2-5 minute video pitch and upload it to Vimeo – you’ll have the chance to win one of three equipment usage grants worth a combined total of $100,000.

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My favorite festival hits coming soon to theaters, TV and DVD (July edition)


“Gideon’s Army” (Dir. Dawn Porter)
Festival Premiere: Sundance 2013
WHERE TO SEE IT NEXT: Premieres Monday, July 1st on HBO, HBO Go and On Demand (will air throughout the month)In theaters April 19
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APPLY: POV wants to show your docs on TV!


POV’s Annual Call for Entries

Deadlines: June 28th

“Each year, POV brings 14 to 16 new films to public television viewers. Our summer series and year-round specials push the boundaries of nonfiction television with work from emerging and established filmmakers that reflects the range and diversity of American voices — viewpoints that enrich, enlarge, challenge and refine our experience of the world.

If your nonfiction film has a strong perspective, a dedication to craft, contemporary relevance and a passion for your topic, then the POV series is the best place for a national television broadcast. If you believe the entire country should see your film, POV is for you.”

To Submit Your Film:

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The House I Live In is Important, but Frustrating

The War on Drugs has never been about drugs.” Whoa. That’s not exactly a statement you hear in everyday life. Let alone used to advertise a movie, but that’s the tagline for the Grand Jury Prize winning documentary, The House I Live In. “The war on drugs is a holocaust in slow motion.” This is what David Simon says about the war on drugs in the trailer, and towards the end of the film. This is a huge, potentially controversial statement said to really make people sit up (and it’s a great moment in the film). “Finally,” I thought, “Someone is going to critique of the racist ‘drug war’ that been that’s been ruining people’s lives for the last 40 years!”  Unfortunately  The House I Live In tackles the issue from an incredibly privileged, white perspective.  Continue reading

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Queue It Up: “Ai WeiWei: Never Sorry” now on iTunes

The award-winning documentary from Sundance, “Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry” is now available on iTunes and Amazon DVD pre-order (available 12/4). The film, directed by Alison Klayman, chronicles the fascinating life of Ai Weiwei, whose rise to infamy in the Chinese art community began with his proclaiming his opposition to the communist government through sculpture, photography installations, blogging and even Twitter . My review: “Ai Wei Wei: Never Sorry”.

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DocuWatch: A Life Ascending

I apologize for the long hiatus. It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted. I have been keeping busy with work, scripts, and a new part time job, so I haven’t had a chance these past few weeks to sort out scheduling for keeping up with the blog. Even though I’m busy with so much work, I definitely don’t want to stop blogging about my passion for film and TV. So again, I’m sorry for slacking on Indies Unchained.

We definitely need all the help we can get, and we’re open for new writers to join our team. Check out Christina’s post on how to contribute to our blog.

I’ll be posting every Monday, but I’ll start off today with a quick post to get the ball rolling:

*Check out this remarkable documentary I recently watched. I will be promoting its iTunes release through my internship at Ptarmigan Films soon. But for now, I’ll give you guys a little tease of this great film, which has won several awards and has been featured in over thirty festivals worldwide, including the Banff Mountain Film Festival.

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