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Kickstarters We Love: ‘Her Story’ follows young couple through a terminal illness

It’s pretty clear crowdfunding is here to stay as a platform for indies to both finance their films and rally an eager audience. Success for many begins with the pitch video. One such project, “Her Story” does it just right. Curious backers are introduced to the Austin-based production team as well as main characters Rae and Carter, a young couple braving a tragic diagnosis. Thanks again to writer/actress Haley Alea Erickson (“Rae”) for giving us a peek behind the campaign. And most importantly, holler if you got dollar, folks! The team has already reached more than half of their $5,000 by June 4th goal. — Christina B.



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Unchained Field Trips: Volunteer at SXSW 2012

In just a few days, I will be heading out to volunteer at my second major film festival of 2012. Woot! More schwag! As with Sundance, I applied for SXSW on a whim. Unlike Sundance, I was pretty sure I wasn’t going. If you don’t live in the Austin, TX area, volunteering for the fest can be a bit of gamble.

It was easy to get my online application accepted in November but once that happens, the real work begins. They offer a variety of teams that take on ”Out-of-town Volunteers” but they fill up fast. You can pick either Conference or Production Teams that vary in specific assignments. I chose the Production team just because I’d like to have more technical experience. After skimming through how to obtain badge perks to see how many hours I’d need to sign up for to actually see films, I emailed a group of Production teams in January checking on volunteer space availability. Of the few that replied back, each one said that they’d been filled. Oh well. I left for Utah and Sundanced my disappointment away.

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