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Emerging Filmmaker Reflects On Screening At Cannes 2012 (Guest Post)

A brief intro: I met filmmaker Michael Daye (based in south-west England) when we were both participating in the Visions Film Festival in North Carolina in March. When he mentioned that he would be attending Cannes later in May, I humbly asked him if he wouldn’t mind sharing the experience on the blog. You can watch the official Shorts Corner selection, “Aldilà” HERE and see more at http://michaeldaye.com/. A big thank you again to Michael for offering this great recap for us all. — Christina B.

As a filmmaker just starting out, one of my ‘bucket list’ checkboxes has been to attend the Cannes Film Festival at some point. When the opportunity presented itself to me a few months back, I just couldn’t bear to say no, even though I was maybe not as ‘ready’ as I would have liked to be. Nonetheless, it was a massively worthy endeavour, and something I would recommend to anyone wanting a leg-up in the film business.

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The Chosen Ones: Thoughts about the lack of Female Directors at Cannes

It’s no secret we live in a digital age. One of the benefits is that if one group feels they have been done an injustice, you better believe the entire world (okay, internet) will hear about it immediately. While I am not fortunate enough to attend the Cannes Film Festival, I have been keeping an eye on the blogosphere rumblings. There were many complaints over the lack of female directors in festival competition for the Palme d’Or for Best Picture (the number went from 4 in 2011 to ZERO this year). Fun fact: Only one woman has won this top prize. Jane Campion was a tied winner with THE PIANO in 1993. This is of course a familiar observation. Yet another platform to showcase exemplary filmmaking looks a lot like an old fashioned boys club. It’s the Oscar’s Best Director debate all over again. History always repeats itself, I guess.

I’m always torn in taking a side in this long-standing debate, especially a female filmmaker. I truly see the whole picture as a “nature vs. nurture”  scenario when it comes to balancing the playing field for female filmmakers.

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Love Festing? Check out Find Festival Jobs database

Today is the official kickoff for the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. Alas, I’ll have to enjoy it from the laptop this year as it’s near impossible to snag a volunteer position inside the fest and the cost to attend as a patron is WAY out of my indie budget. However, this doesn’t mean that this summer can’t still be filled with festival adventures. If you have any spare time coming up, I definitely advise you all to check out the Find Festival Jobs database.  Post-Cannes, the next big film festival in the states is The LA Film Festival (June 16th – June 24th), which offers volunteer positions and unpaid internships (listed here on Find Festival Jobs).

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