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Kickstarters We Love: ‘Her Story’ follows young couple through a terminal illness

It’s pretty clear crowdfunding is here to stay as a platform for indies to both finance their films and rally an eager audience. Success for many begins with the pitch video. One such project, “Her Story” does it just right. Curious backers are introduced to the Austin-based production team as well as main characters Rae and Carter, a young couple braving a tragic diagnosis. Thanks again to writer/actress Haley Alea Erickson (“Rae”) for giving us a peek behind the campaign. And most importantly, holler if you got dollar, folks! The team has already reached more than half of their $5,000 by June 4th goal. — Christina B.



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Kickstarters We Love: ‘Above All Else’ Doc about Texas activists vs. Keystone XL pipeline


Now that Zach Braff has enough money to make Garden State 2, check out (and share with your friends) fellow Ithaca College alum Ayshea Khan’s latest Kickstarter campaign.
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Do You Budget For Life Expenses During Pre-Production?

Remember back in the day when indie filmmakers was mortgaging their homes, maxing out credit cards and borrowing money from every person they’d met in life just to get films made? Yeah, that’s not cool anymore, especially to producers. So what’s a director to do?

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GoGo Starting Your IndieKick?


If I had to guess the top Indie film buzzword for 2011, I would definitely place bets on “crowdfunding”. Who hasn’t gotten an email, Facebook spam, Twitterfeed clog or plain in-person begging for so-and-so’s IndieGoGo or Kickstarter project? Or perhaps you’ve been that campaigner glued to their screen typing in a shortened campaign url to anyone who ever knew you.

I was taught to believe like most of my peers, film folk outside the studio system would have to move heaven and earth to pay for their projects. Fast-forward to today, where any Joe with a 7D can raise up to $80,000 from complete strangers! The crazy part is that a lot of the contributors put their dollars in film projects they can’t even see past the idea stage.

According to the Kickstarter.com blog, 14 of the 174 films selected for the 2012 Sundance Film Festival were projects raising funds on their site. Overall, the 10 features and 4 shorts received more than $370,000 from Kickstarter backers in 2011. Just…wow.

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