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Review: Breakup at a Wedding


This week’s guest post is by Kristie Yeung, who rambles a lot as @ktotheyeung.

Okay, I’ll admit it. The primary reason I went to see Breakup at a Wedding was because Zachary Quinto, of Star Trek fame, had produced it and was going to be present at an advanced screening for a Q&A. What was I going to do? Not go? Not an option.

Clearly, I wasn’t the only person with that same thought since I stood in line to get into the screening for over an hour and a half. While waiting, the theater staff informed us that they had to open a second theater to accommodate the amount of people that showed up. Apparently, Trekkies roll deep.

Adoration for that man aside, I was also anticipating the hilarity that I had seen in the teaser clip on their site. Man, I was not disappointed. From the first two seconds with the narrator, Vic James, played by unruly director and writer Victor Quinaz, to the end credits, I was constantly laughing and just surprisingly delighted at the film.

Shot through the lens of the wedding videographer, Vic, the film follows engaged couple, Alison James, played by Alison Fyhrie, and Phil Havemeyer, played by writer Philip Quinaz, on their way to the altar. Overcome with a sense of doom on her “perfect” wedding, Alison decides to call off the wedding but because deposits are nonrefundable and guests have shown up already, Alison convinces a reluctant Phil to go through with a fake ceremony but not have the marriage be legalized. So naturally, nothing goes as planned. Now, I’m not a “wedding” type person but I’ve seen them in movies and TV shows enough to understand the type of characters featured.

The bride-to-be, Alison, is categorized as a people pleaser, a personality defect so ingrained in her and apparently so infamous that a fellow bridesmaid stated: “I once saw you get punched in the boob and you apologized.” Yes, I’m still laughing at this line. This character trait of hers is primarily the reason why the wedding plans go awry and generally, why insanity is usually lurking behind any wedding endeavor.

You know, when you’re watching a train wreck about to happen but there’s nothing you can do to stop it but you still keep watching. That’s this film. There’s a sense of guilty pleasure that derives from watching this film. With the behind-the-scenes format and the detailed in-depth characters, it’s akin to watching your own family and friends and perhaps can explain why we’re so addicted to today’s reality shows. Yes, those people might be crazy and totally messed up but the stories feel familiar, even relatable. In this case, there is the bride that wants everything to be perfect, the cousin who wears too much makeup, the drunk friend that always blackouts and causes a scene, and the arrogant boss who’s also the biggest jerk alive. Fair warning, these characters are standouts.

While familiar, the characters are still refreshing and genuine. During the Q&A, which featured Zachary, Victor, Philip, as well as actor/writer Anna Martemucci, a question on how the writers were able to balance these characters’ genuineness was posed, and it was revealed that the characters were based on real life personalities, mostly inspired by the respective actors. Additionally, the writers explained that the film was an amalgamation of all their wedding fears and reality-based past wedding stories, which gave the plot the successful foundation for it to really take off. Most surprising to learn was that the inspiration came from Paranormal Activity-type storytelling, which became obvious once the filmmakers said it but not so much when I was first viewing the film. I found it surprising mostly because the hilarious wedding antics and characters masked the actual storytelling method. The content was just too damn good.

With all that said, the title of the film could be a little more creative, but if that’s my only complaint,  there really shouldn’t be any excuse not to see this gem.

Breakup at a Wedding was released on Video On Demand and digital platforms like iTunes and Amazon on June 18th.

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Tribeca 2013 Review: “A Case of You”


Since premiering at Tribeca, “A Case of You” has been acquired by IFC Films.

This week’s guest post is from Kristie Yeung, a fellow Ithaca grad based in NYC and one of the coolest kids I know on Twitter (@ktotheyeung).

For as much as we’re surrounded by it, there hasn’t been a lot of entertainment focused on the topic of social media. Sure, actors and musicians use social media to promote their works and themselves. Sure, we use social media to follow our favorite celebrities and find out the latest on upcoming projects. Sure, there has been the occasional song or sitcom episode that mentions Facebook or Twitter. But I haven’t come across anything that is permeated with social media to the extent that we are.

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Open Call for Weekly Contributors/Guest Posts

We’re very excited to be announcing an open call for additional blog contributors. Have you got something worthwhile to say about the film and TV industry? The authors here at Indies Unchained originally created this space to muse on our own loves, frustrations and new discoveries about the craft we’ve spent four years studying. In an attempt to further expand documenting the journey of “breaking in by breaking out”, we’re seeking new voices from folks eager to share their perspective.

It’s also impossible for the four of us to cover every fact of what it means to be an indie in today’s ever-changing times. We hope to bring on contributors of various backgrounds: in and outside LA/NYC, college/post-grad/self-taught, emerging and established. As an Indies Unchained author, we ask that you publish at least 1 new post a week on a topic of your choosing (please browse through the MONTHLY ARCHIVES to get a feel for the blog) by 8am EST on a designated day of the week (M-F).  If you’re interested, please send a sample post of 1000 words or less to indiesunchained@gmail.com by TUESDAY, JULY 31ST. For guest bloggers, we are especially seeking out writers who could profile film festivals, screenings and share expertise in their field/lessons learned throughout one’s career thus far.

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Emerging Filmmaker Reflects On Screening At Cannes 2012 (Guest Post)

A brief intro: I met filmmaker Michael Daye (based in south-west England) when we were both participating in the Visions Film Festival in North Carolina in March. When he mentioned that he would be attending Cannes later in May, I humbly asked him if he wouldn’t mind sharing the experience on the blog. You can watch the official Shorts Corner selection, “Aldilà” HERE and see more at http://michaeldaye.com/. A big thank you again to Michael for offering this great recap for us all. — Christina B.

As a filmmaker just starting out, one of my ‘bucket list’ checkboxes has been to attend the Cannes Film Festival at some point. When the opportunity presented itself to me a few months back, I just couldn’t bear to say no, even though I was maybe not as ‘ready’ as I would have liked to be. Nonetheless, it was a massively worthy endeavour, and something I would recommend to anyone wanting a leg-up in the film business.

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