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Kickstarters We Love: ‘Her Story’ follows young couple through a terminal illness

It’s pretty clear crowdfunding is here to stay as a platform for indies to both finance their films and rally an eager audience. Success for many begins with the pitch video. One such project, “Her Story” does it just right. Curious backers are introduced to the Austin-based production team as well as main characters Rae and Carter, a young couple braving a tragic diagnosis. Thanks again to writer/actress Haley Alea Erickson (“Rae”) for giving us a peek behind the campaign. And most importantly, holler if you got dollar, folks! The team has already reached more than half of their $5,000 by June 4th goal. — Christina B.



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So What’s The Deal With…Applying for Film Grants?

It suddenly dawned on me that although I’m always excited to post deadlines for film grant opportunities, it might be helpful for folks to hear from someone who’s actually won something. That someone is Darius Clark Monroe, a talented NYC filmmaker with Texas roots. He is currently in post-production on an autobiographical feature documentary titled “Evolution of a Criminal”. The project has received support from multiple organizations including Austin Film Society, Cinereach, Tribeca and IFP. A big thank you again to Darius for sharing his insight on navigating the world of film grants. — Christina B.


Official synopsis: “Deep in the heart of Texas, what begins as an innocent tale of family, sacrifice, and financial hardship quickly escalates into a true-crime thriller. Fusing together compelling interviews, striking re-enactments, and home video, we are forced to ask ourselves how a 16 year-old honor roll student evolved into a bank robber.”

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So What’s The Deal With…Short Films on The Festival Circuit?

Following up on my recent post about film festivals offering opportunities to air on HBO, I reached out to NYC-based filmmaker Donald Conley whose short film SLEEP was a finalist for such a prize at the American Black Film Festival in 2012. A big thank you again to Donald for sharing his insight on navigating the festival circuit. SLEEP, which “explores the loss of adolescence and the psychological effect death has on the minds of young children”, will air again on HBO Go starting June 15th— Christina B.



Photo by Lemia Monet.

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Do You Know The Oscar Nominees For Best Short Film?


Awards Season is my favorite time of year because I learn so much about every side of filmmaking today from the Hollywood insiders without having to fly to Los Angeles or be “in the biz”. Seriously, every film press site posts a new interview or panel at least twice a day and the real pros even dedicate a whole page to “Oscar talk”. The great folks at ShortsHD have curated a fantastic page celebrating the Best Short Film nominees.

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Let’s Call It A Weekend! (Hot Topics Round-up)

Unchained Movie Nights: “Zero Dark Thirty”

I think it’s pretty safe to say ZDT is one of the most anticipated films of the year. Here’s what Sean thought of Oscar winner Kathryn Bigelow’s latest war film.

Our new “Unchained Resources” page

Who says you need a film degree to make it in the biz? Here are a few of our our favorite web links for all things indie film. Any others we should add?

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THR’s Writers Roundtable or That Time I Learned To Take Judd Apatow Seriously



It wasn’t exactly a shocker that Ben Affleck would included in THR’s Directors Roundtable (ARGO was superb), but I definitely rubbed my eyes in disbelief at seeing Judd “40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN” Apatow sitting alongside award-winning scribes Mark Boal (ZERO DARK THIRTY) and Michael Haneke (AMOUR). I’ll watch KNOCKED UP when it’s on TV, but after FUNNY PEOPLE. I kinda felt “meh” about the guy himself. Apatow held his own, though. As the only comedy writer on the couch, I was expecting him to interject on every question ala Tarantino, but that wasn’t the case. Another reason why I love watching these interviews every year. Forget the frat-boy Apatow persona you think you know and meet Judd, a man brave enough to cast a movie with his wife and daughters in story pretty much taken directly from his own life.

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THR’s Directors Roundtable: Typical Boy’s Club or Stellar Group of Artists Who Happen To Be Male?


Whatever your opinion, I hope that you will take the time check out the full interview. I prefer this style of Awards Season coverage because it finally intimately spotlights the artists, letting them speak for themselves about their work. I wouldn’t necessarily call either of these guys my favorite director, but I learned a ton from their roundtable. The moderator’s questions are insightful and egos seem to be checked at the door. Yes, I too am wondering why Kathryn Bigelow (ZERO DARK THIRTY) and Ava DuVernay (MIDDLE OF NOWHERE) weren’t included, but perhaps this is just another time to earnestly listen to who is featured.


My favorite moments:

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“Happy Endings” Reveals Being The Underdog Has Its Perks

“Happy Endings” may be returning tonight for its 3rd season on ABC and have a hilarious meme site, but the show is still low on the live ratings totem pole. Last month, The A.V. Club sat down with the sitcom’s showrunners and it looks like a small audience turnout might be what gives the show its trademark charm. The writers and actors are free to explore every possible comedic angle for storylines, play with genres and build meaningful (logical) relationships between characters. Veteran shows are tangled in rules, threats of viewer backlash and execs hovering over their shoulders. Perhaps this explains “Max”, the slobbish man-child gay guy who is the polar opposite of “Will and Grace” and “Modern Family”. He’s the most refreshing character on TV to me simply because he is like nothing I’ve ever seen.

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