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Kickstarters We Love: ‘Her Story’ follows young couple through a terminal illness

It’s pretty clear crowdfunding is here to stay as a platform for indies to both finance their films and rally an eager audience. Success for many begins with the pitch video. One such project, “Her Story” does it just right. Curious backers are introduced to the Austin-based production team as well as main characters Rae and Carter, a young couple braving a tragic diagnosis. Thanks again to writer/actress Haley Alea Erickson (“Rae”) for giving us a peek behind the campaign. And most importantly, holler if you got dollar, folks! The team has already reached more than half of their $5,000 by June 4th goal. — Christina B.



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Kickstarters We Love: ‘Above All Else’ Doc about Texas activists vs. Keystone XL pipeline


Now that Zach Braff has enough money to make Garden State 2, check out (and share with your friends) fellow Ithaca College alum Ayshea Khan’s latest Kickstarter campaign.
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Where Are The Brown Women Filmmakers?

A weekly spotlight on inspiring female directors of color and their latest projects.


Frances Bodomo

Witnessing Frances’ journey so far makes me want to climb back in the director’s chair. I was blown away by her short “Boneshaker” at Sundance and during the annual SXSW “Women in Cinema” panel, she spoke with such passion about her clear focus of telling stories about Africans and determination to work with non-actors of African descent. Next stop for the film: Nashville Film Festival, Sarasota Film Festival, NYU’s First Run Film Festival and NY African Film Festival. Oh and she’s currently Kickstarting for her next short, “Afronauts”. Holler if you got a dollar, folks!
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It Pays To Have Fans: Brian Newman/Ryan Koo Conversation at VimeoFest

For those who couldn’t make it to the Vimeo Festival and Awards held last month, you can still watch the “The Art of Getting Paid” discussion with film/new media strategist Brian Newman and filmmaker/NoFilmSchool.com founder Ryan Koo for free on the event’s official Tumblr page. Not only can you view the entire video HERE, Brian posted the featured slideshow on his website HERE. Win-win! It’s an hour-long talk so I wanted to give some of my favorite highlights.

There were two key messages I took away from the panel:

  1. It’s 2012. The web is an indie’s best friend. Stop being afraid and embrace it already.
  2. Say it with me: Engage. Early. Repeatedly. This the equation for sustaining an audience in today’s Youtube and Kickstarter saturated market.
What I learned:
  • Brian opened the talk with the ever-popular Kickstarter phenomenon. Simply put, people who donate to your campaign are pre-buying your film. The smartest thing any filmmaker can do is to identify and involve their audience from the very minute you come up with the idea for the project.
  • Fun fact: Remember that “Charlie Bit My Finger” video that went viral? Yeah, it’s the most watched video that’s not a music video on the internet. 458 million views. Brian shared that the family of Charlie made enough money off that 1 minute video to buy a new home. Kinda makes you want to dust off your copy of “Monetizing Your Videos on Youtube”, right?
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Unchained at Sundance 2012: Reflections

I filled out my 2012 Sundance Film Festival volunteer survey yesterday and with that, it’s officially over. I checked the little box that summed up the fest as a “5-best experience of a lifetime” as it truly was. Everywhere I turn there’s another review, photo recap or filmmaker interview blasted via Twitter, so I definitely know it wasn’t a dream. I actually did attend last month.

Back in my civilian life, the goal now is to process what I learned at the festival. If I’m ever fortunate enough to have my directorial debut in Park City, here are some things I will not forget:

Paying your own way to fest: I saw many Kickstarter pages go up right around the time Sundance announced their official selections. Why? Because festivals are very expense. You may get a selection of complimentary tickets for your screenings, lots of event-themed swag and discounts throughout the event but the bulk of the financial burden is on you and your team. Also, I never thought about it but how do you decide who on your team attends and how that’s getting paid for? If it’s a premiere, you definitely want the whole film family there to celebrate/promote the film. Bottom line, prepare as far in your preproduction as you can to include funds for festival attendance like travel, tape masters, sleek promotional materials, food, housing. **Again, don’t forget you have to pay for the Kickstarter/IndieGoGo perks if you reach your campaign goal. Continue reading

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Let’s Call It A Weekend (1/13/2012)

Every week, we’re bringing blog posts of varying topics straight from our minds to your url box. Let’s reflect on this week’s fresh pressed:

Tune in this coming Monday for a new collection of posts/hot topic updates throughout the week. Thanks everyone for all the LIKES, RTs, shares, comments. Keep ‘em coming!
Now that it’s finally Friday — get #unchained and GO SEE A MOVIE in a real theater, if you can!
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GoGo Starting Your IndieKick?


If I had to guess the top Indie film buzzword for 2011, I would definitely place bets on “crowdfunding”. Who hasn’t gotten an email, Facebook spam, Twitterfeed clog or plain in-person begging for so-and-so’s IndieGoGo or Kickstarter project? Or perhaps you’ve been that campaigner glued to their screen typing in a shortened campaign url to anyone who ever knew you.

I was taught to believe like most of my peers, film folk outside the studio system would have to move heaven and earth to pay for their projects. Fast-forward to today, where any Joe with a 7D can raise up to $80,000 from complete strangers! The crazy part is that a lot of the contributors put their dollars in film projects they can’t even see past the idea stage.

According to the Kickstarter.com blog, 14 of the 174 films selected for the 2012 Sundance Film Festival were projects raising funds on their site. Overall, the 10 features and 4 shorts received more than $370,000 from Kickstarter backers in 2011. Just…wow.

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