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More than a diversity hire: WGAW’s Female Asian Comedy Writers Panel notes


(Photo from wga.org)

Have you checked out the Writers Guild of America, West Youtube channel lately? I stumbled upon a great panel called “Bring The Funny: Celebrating Asian Women Writers”. Although I’m all about shouting out Brown Women filmmakers, I can’t say that I’m too familiar with today’s female scribes working on the small screen (aside from Shonda Rhimes and Mindy Kaling). So I grabbed a pen and took a few notes that I wanted to share. I think most of the advice from these successful women could apply to both aspiring TV and film professionals.

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Noteworthy Tweets from 2013 Atlanta Film Fest’s CINformation panels

I’m always grateful to film festivals that use Twitter or Facebook to include folks who can’t attend in person. This past week, Atlanta Film Festival did a fantastic job at sharing insights from their CINformation seminar series for established and emerging filmmakers. Man, I felt like I was IN the room.
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5 Lessons I Learned from SXSW Film 2013


Improv doesn’t work for everyone: I’ve heard many indie directors speak in a Q&As about their scripts being more like skeletons that would be filled in through improv sessions on set. I could see that working in a short film environment, but for a whole feature? Thanks but no thanks. Perhaps that is why it was so refreshing for me to hear filmmakers Jeff Nichols (MUD) and Chris Eska (THE RETRIEVAL) say essentially “Everything you saw on screen was in the script.”

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Unchained at Sundance 2013: Week 1 Tweet-Cap


Pretty much everyday, I have to pinch myself. A year ago when I was blogging on my iPod Touch in a hotel lobby about my first trip to Utah to volunteer at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, I never imagined I’d be back in Park City for a second round of this amazing cinematic summer (winter?) camp. This time I’m working as paid staff so my schedule is a little more scaled towards work than play. I still want to share this experience with all those that can’t be here. Excuse the post full of tweets, but I know I won’t be able to tackle full reviews and reflections during this chaos. Hopefully for those not following me or the blog on Twitter, I can at least provide the highlights of my time here so far.

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Unchained Resources: NoFilmSchool.com

A couple of weeks ago, I was basking in the “Failure FTW” panel with Ted Hope and Edward Burns from VimeoFest (my recap here) and today it turns out another conversation I’d wanted to see has been uploaded too. “The Fine Art of Getting Paid” features filmmaker Ryan Koo discussing all things Kickstarter and his amazing site, NoFilmSchool.com. I can’t wait to check out the hour-long chat and will return with a recap this week. You can watch the full talk here. For now, I’d like to share Ryan Koo’s site, NoFilmSchool.com.

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