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Artistic Ownership and You!

He’s Not Going to Take It

It’s hard for anything to not somehow relate back to the ongoing 2012 election at the moment. So when I recently read on entertainment news sites about how Dee Snider took offense at Paul Ryan playing the Twisted Sister song “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” I wasn’t surprised. It had to do with music, so of course entertainment news would report it. And it’s not like this is the first time this has happened, either. See Heart’s issue with Sarah Palin using “Barracuda,” “Born in the U.S.A.” being used by Reagan, Survivor insisting Newt Gingrich stop using “Eye of the Tiger,” and Sam Moore asking Obama not to play “Hold On, I’m Coming” in 2008.

As a writer, an artist, someone who wants to create things for others to view and enjoy, this got me thinking. Would there ever be a point that I would turn from blind joy that ANYONE shows interest in what I’ve made to anger over who expresses their fondness for my creation?

At what point does an artist stop having ownership of what they’ve made? Are they getting paid for the song getting played, and does that give them the ability to pick and choose where it is used?  And not merely financial ownership, but ownership of the spirit of the movie, song, book, art, etc.? If a musician can take umbrage at a political candidate using their song as background music, could an author insist that a politician not quote their writing because they disagree with their policies?

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“The Pendulum Swings” (Petitions and Podcasts about Women at Cannes)

“La Barbe (The Beard) feminist direct action group” spearheaded the first petition against lack of women in the Palme d’Or competition lineup at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

There is an important conversation being held both on the French Riviera and around the world. The topic: Where are the women? To be more specific, where are the women directors in the Palme d’Or Competition at this year’s Cannes Film Festival? There were four females selected last year and yet there is zero today. I recently read a few articles on this issue and many said the same things. Where are the women (in competition)? I couldn’t help but grow more and more frustrated as bloggers/critics were wagging their fingers at the festival director (a man) for the lack of representation. I put my two cents on the blog last week and proposed that these critics might also want to look at who the festival programmers/directors are first. If there were more females helming the top festivals, perhaps we’d see more balanced lineups (read more HERE). But the rabbit hole goes even deeper. Currently there are two petitions circling the internet calling attention the male-dominated films in competition.

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Let’s get this out of the way. I have not read any of the books in this young adult trilogy. As recently as two weeks ago, I had absolutely no interest in seeing this film. I assumed The Hunger Games was the most recent Twilight obsession, but then people I respect began to see it and they really enjoyed it. I decided to actually watch the trailer and I became pretty intrigued. I always assumed it was just a Battle Royale rip off, but I realized this had the potential to be something else. So how was it? Honestly, The Hunger Games is amazing, and there’s a lot of different things I want to discuss.

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Sean’s Thoughts on The Hunger Games

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Why we need to acknowledge racism in society and film

I know this is a film blog, but I also know the members of IndiesUnchained are incredibly passionate about social issues. If you haven’t heard about Trayvon Martin’s murder you can google it for more information, but essentially: George Zimmerman followed a young African American male into his gated community. Zimmerman thought he was suspicious and called the cops. He told the cops he was going to keep following him and the cops told him not to. Shortly after, Zimmerman confronted Trayon and shot and killed him. It turned out all he had was a bag of skittles. Earlier today I heard a quote about the case I couldn’t ignore. Fox’s Geraldo Rivera said, “I think the hoodie is as much responsible for Trayvon Martin’s death as Goerge Zimmerman.”  This quote blew my mind. Let me make this clear, Trayvon Martin was not shot because he wore a hoodie. Continue reading

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