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QUEUE IT UP: Jane Campion’s “Top of the Lake” Episode 1 Now Free On iTunes


“A detective investigates the disappearance of a 12-year-old pregnant daughter of a local drug lord.” Starring Elisabeth Moss, Cohen Holloway and Holly Hunter.

Looks like we can all catch a sneak peek of Jane Campion’s new mini-series before the official March 18th broadcast premiere on Sundance Channel. Watch the first hour of the six-episode mini-series on iTunes now. The show was featured at this year’s Sundance Film Festival in a one-day only, six-hour screening that I unfortunately could not make. The trailer caught my eye and I’m intrigued by film directors crossing over to television like David Fincher (“House of Cards” on Netflix) and now Campion.
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QUEUE IT UP: “Side By Side” now on Netflix Instant

“Side by Side” investigates the history, process and workflow of both digital and photochemical film creation.

I wrote about this film last year when Tribeca Film Festival screened it as part of their lineup along with a Q&A featuring director Chris Kenneally. The event was made available on iTunes and I learned a ton, but have been impatiently waiting for a release date to experience the real thing. Well, the day has finally come. Actor-turned-producer Keanu Reeves’ latest project asks the very questions I’ve had on my mind lately about concerning the new age of digital filmmaking: “what has been gained, what is lost, and what the future might bring.” “Side by Side” is currently streaming on Netflix.

What are your thoughts on the “film vs. digital” conversation?

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QUEUE IT UP: “5 Broken Cameras” now on Hulu Plus


“5 Broken Cameras” follows a Palestinian farmer’s chronicle of his nonviolent resistance to the actions of the Israeli army. Directed by Emad Burnat and Guy Davidi.

It’s a film I’ve heard mentioned everywhere across the indie film blogs (won at Sundance, shortlisted for Best Doc) but never really looked into. Now that I’ve seen all the films on my must-see list for 2012, it’s time to take a chance on the possible sleeper hits. “5 Broken Cameras” is currently streaming on Hulu Plus. Also, the ultimate indie, Michael Moore tweeted that you can watch the film for free until January 6th with a three-second signup on Alive Mind Cinema (sort of like a Netflix site with movies that makes you think).

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Let’s Call It A Weekend!

Vote BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD for Gotham Independent Film Audience Award

Award season is kicking off full swing and I’m shameless campaigning for Hushpuppy for the win! Help make “Beasts of the Southern Wild” the final nominee for Gotham Audience Award. Vote online HERE by November 18th (Sunday).


The newest trailer for “The Central Park Five” by Ken Burns came out this week. One of my favorite films from Telluride will be in limited release on 11/23.

After seeing “Amour” by Michael Haneke (also at Telluride), I suggest have a puppy on standby for this very intense drama. You decide after watching this latest trailer.

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Queue It Up: “THE ARTIST” now on Netflix Instant

In case you missed it on the big screen, the black and white silent movie that won Best Picture at the 2012 Oscars is now available to Netflix Instant subscribers. Sean’s review: The Artist.

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