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Emerging Filmmaker Reflects On Screening At Cannes 2012 (Guest Post)

A brief intro: I met filmmaker Michael Daye (based in south-west England) when we were both participating in the Visions Film Festival in North Carolina in March. When he mentioned that he would be attending Cannes later in May, I humbly asked him if he wouldn’t mind sharing the experience on the blog. You can watch the official Shorts Corner selection, “Aldilà” HERE and see more at http://michaeldaye.com/. A big thank you again to Michael for offering this great recap for us all. — Christina B.

As a filmmaker just starting out, one of my ‘bucket list’ checkboxes has been to attend the Cannes Film Festival at some point. When the opportunity presented itself to me a few months back, I just couldn’t bear to say no, even though I was maybe not as ‘ready’ as I would have liked to be. Nonetheless, it was a massively worthy endeavour, and something I would recommend to anyone wanting a leg-up in the film business.

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Unchained at Sundance 2012: Reflections

I filled out my 2012 Sundance Film Festival volunteer survey yesterday and with that, it’s officially over. I checked the little box that summed up the fest as a “5-best experience of a lifetime” as it truly was. Everywhere I turn there’s another review, photo recap or filmmaker interview blasted via Twitter, so I definitely know it wasn’t a dream. I actually did attend last month.

Back in my civilian life, the goal now is to process what I learned at the festival. If I’m ever fortunate enough to have my directorial debut in Park City, here are some things I will not forget:

Paying your own way to fest: I saw many Kickstarter pages go up right around the time Sundance announced their official selections. Why? Because festivals are very expense. You may get a selection of complimentary tickets for your screenings, lots of event-themed swag and discounts throughout the event but the bulk of the financial burden is on you and your team. Also, I never thought about it but how do you decide who on your team attends and how that’s getting paid for? If it’s a premiere, you definitely want the whole film family there to celebrate/promote the film. Bottom line, prepare as far in your preproduction as you can to include funds for festival attendance like travel, tape masters, sleek promotional materials, food, housing. **Again, don’t forget you have to pay for the Kickstarter/IndieGoGo perks if you reach your campaign goal. Continue reading

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