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Protagonistas: Kevin Williamson

Kevin Williamson

Kevin Williamson

The writer of The Following is also the writer of ScreamScream 2, and Scream 4.

Say what you want about Scream, but it’s actually an insanely clever script. And The Following further proves Williamson’s talent. Are you watching the show? FOX, Mondays @ 9.

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Pilot Tracking – “The Following”

“The Following” (FOX) – 2012-13 midseason

Creator/Writer: Kevin Williamson (Scream)

Director: Marcos Siega (“Damages”)

Cast: Kevin Bacon, James Purefoy, Shawn Ashmore

An ex-FBI agent (Bacon) is asked to help find a serial killer who has escaped from prison–the same man he once caught eight years before

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Blueberry Ice Cream: “The Cabin in the Woods” Trailer

Yes, I know, another The Cabin in the Woods post. It’s just that good of a movie, though. It’s the type of film that not only surprises you by how well-made it is but also surprises you by how smart it is. It’s like Scream (1996) in that it calls attention to itself–its genre, characters, and story arcs. Without giving too much away (as Christina pointed out, we hate those people), I will say that the trailer did not do it justice.

I pointed out a while back how there are at least 7 types of trailers. I consider The Cabin in the Woods to be a blueberry ice cream trailer (blueberry because just like the fruit, which I despise, I actually enjoy its flavor in muffins, ice cream, etc.).  I watched the trailer months ago thinking there is no way this is going to make any money. But what do you know? Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon are geniuses. Enough about the movie itself, though. Let’s break this trailer down, shall we? Continue reading

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What Makes Your Favorite Film Your Favorite Film?

“What’s your favorite scary movie?” This famous quote by Ghost Face in Wes Craven’s Scream is pretty much a common conversation starter. (Obviously, it’s not the question itself that makes this quote so famous but the way in which it is said.)

Amused, Casey answers the question as she leans against her kitchen counter. She says, “I don’t know,” to which Ghost Face responds, “What comes to mind?” She picks John Carpenter’s Halloween and immediately picks up a knife from a knife stand—by the way, a nifty foreshadowing technique. But, of course, I will spare you my dissertation on what makes Scream a great film. [If you’re interested in a brief overview, though, check out my Tumblr post on my top 10 horror films—I’ll eventually post up something more extensive on Indies Unchained!].

So, I’d like to broaden it up to something even more standard: what’s your favorite film? When asked this simple question, a lot of people get stumped. Continue reading

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