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4 Fests You Should Enter This Week

…because all it takes is ONE festival screening to change everything.

2014 BlackStar Film Festival Screenplay Competition
July 31 – August 3
Deadline: May 15

This year’s short screenplay competition gives the winner the unique opportunity to have the script produced by BlackStar and directed by a renown director [Terence Nance, “An Oversimplification Of Her Beauty”]. To determine the winner, the finalists will be read by a prestigious jury of film industry professionals. The winning script will receive the BlackStar festival “greenlight” and will be read live at the festival by professional actors.

Short film screenplays must be written by a person of African descent.

Website: http://blackstarfest.org/screenplay-competition14/
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REVIEW: “The Spectacular Now”


***This week’s guest post is from Erica Todd, a film lovin’ New Zealander-Austinite and programming apprentice for the Austin Film Society.***

Included in Austin Film Society’s fantastic August program was a special screening of “The Spectacular Now” attended by director James Ponsoldt. The film’s premiere at Sundance in January and showings at subsequent film festivals created quite a buzz.

The content of the plot is no big secret for viewers familiar with Tim Tharp’s novel, which provided the source material. The trailer, like many others that market contemporary films, also points to some of the major features of the film. “The Spectacular Now” is a coming-of-age story that places emphasis on teenage protagonist Sutter’s relationships using time as a thematic device.

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4 Fests You Should Enter This Week

…because all it takes is ONE festival screening to change everything.

Sundance Film Festival (January 16 – 26)
Park City, Utah

Early Deadline: 
U.S. and International Short Films: July 29
U.S. and International Feature Films: August 9
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4 Fests You Should Enter This Week

…because all it takes is ONE festival screening to change everything. 

First Glance Film Fest Philadelphia (Fall 2013)

Next deadline: May 16

“Our 16th annual FirstGlance Film Fest Philly is open to professional, first time, graduate and undergraduate filmmakers from down the street and across the globe. FirstGlance showcases the best indie filmmaking from around the world and celebrates Philadelphia filmmakers with a festival described as, “one of the most entertaining festivals out there” and “Philadelphia’s answer to Sundance”

Accepts narrative & doc features, narrative & doc shorts, student shorts, music videos, animations and web series pilots

website: http://www.firstglancefilms.com/
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3 Films From Sundance You Need To See In Theaters




The journey from film fest premiere to theatrical release is something I have only witnessed from the sidelines. I imagine containing that joy of finally being notified of an opening date is equal to or greater than child-birth. The best way we film lovers can say “Congrats” to these talented folks…is to see their celluloid babies. So here’s a shameless plug for three of my favorite films from Sundance coming soon to a theater near you: “Filly Brown”, “An Oversimplification of Her Beauty” and “Fruitvale”.


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Sundance 2013 Filmmaker Quote of the Day: Jane Campion

“A message I’ve been telling myself: the cinema is very conservative, and unless you have a story that satisfies you, that is within the unchallenging zone, but you love it, you can’t do it as cinema. Otherwise, you go do it for television, which is more daring now.”

– Jane Campion, Director (TOP OF THE LAKE, Premieres Program)

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Sundance 2013 Filmmaker Quote of the Day: Robert Rodriguez

“I have all the creative freedom of someone making a home movie, but I get to do it on a larger scale. It’s the best.”

– Robert Rodriguez, Director (EL MARIACHI, From the Collection Screening)

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How to Enjoy Sundance 2013 From Home


I still can’t believe the biggest film kid meetup of the year is almost half over. Things are still very much happening during Sundance’s B Week (the 10 days are often referred to as A Week and B Week by attendees who aren’t staying the whole festival). If you’re an indie film lover like me, but couldn’t make it up to Park City this year, have no fear. The festival has done a great job of providing event content of all sorts available anywhere with an internet signal. Enjoy!

Option 1: Livestreams
At Sundance, no indie film lover is left out. At almost every film screening, panel and music performance I’ve attended, I’ve always seen a staff member behind a camera recording the experience. One of my favorites was definitely EL MARIACHI From The Collection Screening Q&A with director Robert Rodriguez.

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Sundance 2013 Filmmaker Quote of the Day: Lynn Shelton

“I don’t know any filmmaker who embrace the term mumblecore. By grouping us all together, it’s kind of unfair, like grouping all films that cost $8 million and have a written script and 35 mm film are all the same. At the same time, the usefulness, I recognize – it brought attention to small films that no one would have paid attention to.”

– Lynn Shelton, Director (TOUCHY FEELY, U.S. Dramatic Competition)


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Sundance 2013 Filmmaker Quote of the Day: Andrew Dosunmu

“As a filmmaker I believe cinema is a visual language, so I try to find subject matter that I believe visually can captivate the audience.”

– Andrew Dosunmu, Director (MOTHER OF GEORGE, U.S. Dramatic Competition)


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Sundance 2013 Filmmaker Quote of the Day: Park Chan-Wook

“I don’t feel enjoyment watching films that evoke passivity. If you need that kind of comfort, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t go to a spa.”

– Park Chan-Wook, Director (STOKER, Premieres Program)

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Sundance 2013 Filmmaker Quote of the Day: Ryan Coogler

“We were fortunate enough on this project to have some outstanding talent. Everybody brought an anger about the situation and the frustration about the situation, not just what happened with Oscar, but the fact that these things continue to happen in society and that was into a positive energy on the film.”

– Ryan Coogler, Director (FRUITVALE, U.S. Dramatic Competition)


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Sundance 2013 Filmmaker Quote of the Day: Sarah Polley

“I thing you have to keep your distance from mainstream Hollywood in order to be a normal human being. I mean, I work there, and I like being there, but I love having an anonymous life. I think there’s definitely such a thing as being too famous.”

– Sarah Polley, Director (STORIES WE TELL, Spotlight Program)


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Sundance 2013 Filmmaker Quote of the Day: Richard Linklater

“Whatever story you want to tell, tell it at the right size.”

– Richard Linklater, Director (BEFORE MIDNIGHT, Premieres Program)


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Sundance 2013 Filmmaker Quote of the Day: Jeff Nichols

“My approach to sound design, and this something I had to develop on the fly during “Shotgun Stories,” is that everything has to come from a place of reality…”

– Jeff Nichols, Director (MUD, Spotlight Program)

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Sundance 2013 Filmmaker Quote of the Day: Shane Carruth


**It’s that time again, folks! In order to celebrate the indie filmmakers (and their projects) that will be gathering in Park City, Utah starting this Thursday, the Filmmaker QOTDs will be Sundance 2013-themed for the next two weeks. This year’s Sundance Film Festival runs from January 17th-27th.**

“I wish that there was a way to kind of objectively show that yes, it can be done for the money and here’s how much work it is. Because if i would have known that equation, I would have found more money. It was way too much work because I was so cheap with the money.”


– Shane Carruth, Director (UPSTREAM COLOR, U.S. Dramatic Competition)


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