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4 Fests You Should Enter This Week

…because all it takes is ONE festival screening to change everything.

2014 BlackStar Film Festival Screenplay Competition
July 31 – August 3
Deadline: May 15

This year’s short screenplay competition gives the winner the unique opportunity to have the script produced by BlackStar and directed by a renown director [Terence Nance, “An Oversimplification Of Her Beauty”]. To determine the winner, the finalists will be read by a prestigious jury of film industry professionals. The winning script will receive the BlackStar festival “greenlight” and will be read live at the festival by professional actors.

Short film screenplays must be written by a person of African descent.

Website: http://blackstarfest.org/screenplay-competition14/
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APPLY: Tribeca All Access Grant for diverse filmmakers


Tribeca All Access (from Tribeca Film Institute)

Deadline: November 5 (no fee!)

Website: https://tribecafilminstitute.org/pages/taa_about

Tribeca All Access (TAA) seeks feature-length narrative and documentary submissions from established and emerging filmmakers whose team includes a director or screenwriter from a community that is traditionally under-represented in the film industry. Five narrative filmmakers and five documentary filmmakers will each receive a grant of $10,000 to use towards the development, production, post- production, or marketing of their film project.”

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So What’s The Deal With…Film Collectives?


I used to be the film kid who didn’t play with others. My dream was to be the traditional auteur: writer, director and editor. A triple threat not to be messed with.

In reality, I was just too afraid to ask for help.
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Rock the Vote: Help Celebrate Black Filmmakers Nominated for Heineken Affinity Award

“The Heineken Affinity Award is a new platform celebrating and creating awareness and dialogue around the work of ten emerging and established African American filmmakers. All of the Affinity winners will receive an initial grant in recognition of their excellent work. Now that we’ve created a space for you to view and share their work, it is up to you to help us further support and select one of the filmmakers with an additional $20,000 cash award, as well as year round project support and professional development from the Tribeca Film Institute.”

THIS. IS. AWESOME. Seriously. With all the Oscars “Best Director” snub talk going on (Congrats to Ang Lee, meh to everything else), I’ve been a little down about the industry’s repeated lack of recognizing filmmakers of color. You better believe I will be casting my vote in this amazing platform by Tribeca Film Institute.

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Unchained at Sundance 2012: Reflections

I filled out my 2012 Sundance Film Festival volunteer survey yesterday and with that, it’s officially over. I checked the little box that summed up the fest as a “5-best experience of a lifetime” as it truly was. Everywhere I turn there’s another review, photo recap or filmmaker interview blasted via Twitter, so I definitely know it wasn’t a dream. I actually did attend last month.

Back in my civilian life, the goal now is to process what I learned at the festival. If I’m ever fortunate enough to have my directorial debut in Park City, here are some things I will not forget:

Paying your own way to fest: I saw many Kickstarter pages go up right around the time Sundance announced their official selections. Why? Because festivals are very expense. You may get a selection of complimentary tickets for your screenings, lots of event-themed swag and discounts throughout the event but the bulk of the financial burden is on you and your team. Also, I never thought about it but how do you decide who on your team attends and how that’s getting paid for? If it’s a premiere, you definitely want the whole film family there to celebrate/promote the film. Bottom line, prepare as far in your preproduction as you can to include funds for festival attendance like travel, tape masters, sleek promotional materials, food, housing. **Again, don’t forget you have to pay for the Kickstarter/IndieGoGo perks if you reach your campaign goal. Continue reading

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Unchained at Sundance 2012: An Oversimplification of Her Beauty


AN OVERSIMPLIFICATION OF HER BEAUTY by Terence Nance was another film on my must-see list. I had been planning to see it in the second half of the festival but luckily snagged a ticket to the premiere at the last minute. It was a full house and just an overall high energy screening. Nance introduced the film as a “no budget situation” and you really got the sense that the crew were friends working on a true passion project.

The official Sundance synopsis:

You’ve just arrived home after a bad day. You’re broke and lonely, even though you live in the biggest and busiest city in America. You do, however, have one cause for mild optimism: you seem to have captured the attention of an intriguing young lady. You’ve rushed home to clean your apartment before she comes over. In your haste, you see that you’ve missed a call. There’s a voice mail; she tells you that she won’t be seeing you tonight.

As I was watching the film, I couldn’t help but feel that it was strongly rooted in themes of memory and unrequited love. Sort of a mixture of WALTZ WITH BASHIR and 500 DAYS OF SUMMER and the most innovative visual images I’ve ever seen. The film is also so multilayered and overwhelmingly personal that at times I felt like it was teetering on the line between fiction and nonfiction. Perhaps that’s the hook that grabbed me at least. You’re given such an intimate portrait of Nance’s love story with this woman within the live footage but at the same time the animation sequences give you distance to see the narrative construction. If that makes any sense.

In the Q&A, Nance mentioned that most of the film was scripted and was determined to finish the project during the 6 year production. Several folks in the audience applauded the film as work of art while others asked what it was like working on something so personal for so long. Nance spoke about the idea of “coming to self awareness and self awareness through love” and gaining distance by telling himself that was a past him/past mistakes in the film.

I ran into Nance and his producer Chanelle in the hallway at the festival headquarters my second day volunteering, which was pretty great intro to Sundance. It was one of the many times I would meet a filmmaker who’d journey inspired me via Twitter but I did not know in person. OF HER BEAUTY is truly an inspiring story to any emerging filmmaker: raising over their Kickstarter goal to finish the film in time for Sundance, support from a multitude of film organizations and web word-of-mouth and produced by a diverse group of creative individuals doing big things in Brooklyn.

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