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Filmmaker Quote of the Day: Michel Hazanavicius


“To me the recognition of the audience is part of the filmmaking process. When you make a movie, it’s for them.”

– Michel Hazanavicius, Director (2012 Best Picture/Best Directing winner THE ARTIST)


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Queue It Up: “THE ARTIST” now on Netflix Instant

In case you missed it on the big screen, the black and white silent movie that won Best Picture at the 2012 Oscars is now available to Netflix Instant subscribers. Sean’s review: The Artist.

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Holy DuJardin!: The Oscars as a Televised Show

Did you catch this year’s Academy Awards? If you did, what did you think? If you didn’t, well… you didn’t miss much. As you’ve probably read online (because we all know there were probably a billion tweets with #oscars), it wasn’t the least bit exciting.

It’s one thing to be disappointed by the winners (or in this year’s case, maybe even the nominees) and another to be disappointed by the awards show itself. There are so many things I wish they could have done differently that would have made the three hours a little bit more bearable. This is the type of awards show that is better to experience live. Otherwise, on your couch, it’s just not the same. So, out of sheer displeasure for such a dull show—and admittedly 3 AM boredom—here’s a look into what the Academy Awards did wrong often and did right rarely.

P.S. Sorry for the hashtags within this post– Did a lot of that tonight as we live tweeted (@indiesunchained) so the habit’s still there.

It all began at 8:30 EST/ 5:30 PST…And I wished it would’ve ended earlier than 11:30 EST/ 8:30 PST


*Morgan Freeman could have stayed onstage longer. He definitely has the kind of presence few others have.

*Bieber should have said his demographic was 5-15 year-olds NOT 18-24. Are you kidding me?

*The musical number is pretty terrible. They could have made it shorter and…well better.

*Nice to see the Academy recognize the seat fillers—and that adorable old man.

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The Oscars: Live Blog and Updates

I’ve been pretty worked up about the Oscars this week. I’ve revealed my predictions and what would have been nominated if I was the Academy of One. I’ve complained and complained. It seems kind of silly because I don’t believe the Oscars are an accurate representation of the best films made this year (and I think most of you agree), but this is a film blog… How can a film blog not cover the biggest film event of the year? So tonight I will live tweet (@sean_temple) and live blog the Oscars. Come back tonight and remember to refresh the page periodically to see me complain about The Artist even more! Continue reading

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Oscar Predictions

The Academy Awards are in a week. I’ve decided to try predict what will win most of the major awards. I’ve left out a few categories because I feel totally unqualified (all the short categories) or just don’t really care (costume design). For each category I’ve listed the nominees, what I believe will win, what should win based on what was nominated, and some quick thoughts. And yes, when I realized how many awards The Artist is going to win I died a little inside.

Best Picture
“The Artist”
“The Descendants”
“Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close”
“The Help”
“Midnight in Paris”
“The Tree of Life”
“War Horse”
What will win: The Artist
What should win: Moneyball

Thoughts: Everyone knows The Artist is going to win. You can read my review to see why I find this really dissapointing, but here’s a new reason. Midnight in Paris was Woody Allen’s most successful film in a very long time, but I have to ask… did no one understand the themes?

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Professionals Discuss Their Favorite Movie Moments

What makes the perfect scene? With the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences hyping the Academy Awards with interviews of nominees describing their favorite film moments, others are naturally following suit. The opinions are now both from fanatics and the creators themselves, and it’s definitely interesting to hear from the perspectives of the actors and filmmakers. I read an inspiring article from The Hollywood Reporter, where the staff interviews the nominated writers and directors of this year’s Academy Awards. Here, they tell us what makes the pivotal moments in the nominated films.

Here’s a list of the films they describe in the article.

Margin CallWritten & Directed by J.C. Chandor

*Best Writing – Original

The Ides of March Written by George Clooney, Grant Heslov, & Beau Willimon; Directed by George Clooney

*Best Writing – Adapted

The DescendantsWritten by Alexander Payne, Nat Faxon, & Jim Rash; Directed by Alexander Payne

*Best Writing – Adapted

*Best Director

*Best Editing

*Best Picture

*Best Actor

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Oscar Nominees

The Academy announced this years Oscar nominations this morning. Below is the list of nominees and some of my random thoughts.

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Let’s Call It A Weekend (1/13/2012)

Every week, we’re bringing blog posts of varying topics straight from our minds to your url box. Let’s reflect on this week’s fresh pressed:

Tune in this coming Monday for a new collection of posts/hot topic updates throughout the week. Thanks everyone for all the LIKES, RTs, shares, comments. Keep ‘em coming!
Now that it’s finally Friday — get #unchained and GO SEE A MOVIE in a real theater, if you can!
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Sean Reviews The Artist

About a month ago I saw The Artist with a few friends. Two of them didn’t know what they were seeing (it was a free screening). As we ate pizza, waiting for the bus I said, “You know this is a black and white silent film right?” He laughed, “You’re kidding right?” He didn’t believe me until the film actually started. I thought this was pretty funny, but I honestly had no idea what I was going to think of this film. It had been getting amazing reviews, and it’s actually the front runner in the Oscar race, and I have to ask… seriously? Continue reading

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