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Protagonistas: Dan Fogelman

Dan Fogelman

Dan Fogelman

“The Neighbors” creator also wrote Crazy, Stupid, Love. and Bolt and Cars and Tangled. Weird, huh?

What I love about “The Neighbors” is that it disguises itself as a ghastly, corny ABC comedy about your typical white family living next to aliens. But it’s really a genius show that satirizes and endlessly criticizes American society as a whole. And that has me tuning in every week.

ABC, Wednesdays @ 8:30

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Promos, Promos, Promos! – ABC

It’s that time of year again, where TV networks repeatedly run promos of pilot shows for their fall lineup. Which shows will survive the pitfalls of ratings, and which will remain in Netflix’s future Watch Instantly queue?


A few weeks ago I listed ABC’s pilot shows for the 2012-13 season, where I wrote my opinions on each new show based on the premise and the people associated with the projects—completely biased, of course. With promos out now, I think there’s a better idea of which shows will last and which ones will get the boot early on. Networks depend on these promos to gain a following for the pilot episodes. And if that doesn’t work, then quoting Rolling Stone (“A must see!”—they’ll say) for the second episode probably will. Right?  Oy vey! Continue reading

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