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Say Hello to Screenwriting Competition Season!

Get ready to mark your calendars, folks. Many indies have gotten their big break from the following competitions, labs and fellowships (Benh Zeitlin & Lucy Alibar, Destin Cretton, Dawn Porter, Lucy Malloy and Edward Ricourt). What’s the worst that could happen? You spend $50 and turn that idea you’ve been working on FOREVER into an actual script you can shop around or even produce yourself? Sounds like a win-win to me.

If you have any others to add, leave a comment below and I’ll gladly update the list.

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APPLY: Tribeca All Access Grant for diverse filmmakers


Tribeca All Access (from Tribeca Film Institute)

Deadline: November 5 (no fee!)

Website: https://tribecafilminstitute.org/pages/taa_about

Tribeca All Access (TAA) seeks feature-length narrative and documentary submissions from established and emerging filmmakers whose team includes a director or screenwriter from a community that is traditionally under-represented in the film industry. Five narrative filmmakers and five documentary filmmakers will each receive a grant of $10,000 to use towards the development, production, post- production, or marketing of their film project.”

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Screenwriting Competition Season Is Officially Open. Are You Ready?

The worst feeling as an indie just starting out is hearing there’s a great opportunity to jumpstart your career, only to find out the deadline already passed. Well get ready to mark your calendars, folks. Let’s make 2013 the year of starting, finishing AND submitting our dream scripts. 

  • Outfest Screenwriting Lab

2013 Deadline: February 11th

“What began as a screenwriting competition has expanded into a dynamic three-day, mentor-led workshop in Los Angeles for selected screenwriters. The authors of five screenplays will be invited to participate in an intensive laboratory during which they will work closely with Lab Mentors — established writers who will critique and encourage their work.To be held in June 2013, with a follow up event during Outfest Los Angeles 2013, the lab will include sessions with other industry professionals, structured career development opportunities and participation in ongoing festival events.”


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Notes from the Gatekeepers: Tribeca All Access Grant

There is truly a reason I keep everything. Everything. I hold in my hands notes from a webinar hosted by Tamir Muhammad, Director of Feature Programming at Tribeca All Access last October. Now, I know, you’re thinking that was quite a while ago, but I know this information is as relevant as ever. Not just for those applying for TAA (2012 information is below), but for anyone in the process of applying for nonprofit grants. It can seem very intimidating at first since you really want the project funds and so does every other Joe and Jane out there. Organizations like Tribeca allot thousands of dollars specifically for independent filmmakers through programs like TAA and I hope this advice helps you get one step closer to completing your latest project.

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FADE IN: Upcoming screenwriting contests

With two of the most competitive screenwriting competitions (Nicholl Fellowship and Sundance Screenwriter’s Lab) now past us, we are officially at the halfway mark of screenwriter season. Now’s the time to stretch away from the keyboard, revise the latest draft, and repeat the wonderful application process all over again. Although I am no longer a soldier fighting the good fight against mediocre scripts (see here), I am absolutely cheering you all on from the sidelines. Stay strong in believing the countless hours spent in the writer’s cave will payoff as placing as a finalist in any of the competitions below could be the big break of your career. If you haven’t considered entering the following contests before, why not take the risk?
  • Austin Film Festival Screenplay Contest 

deadlines: May 15th and June 1st

“The rewards are endless. 
AFF awards are career-starters, but just entering your script insures other profound returns. Advancing writers and their scripts enjoy one-of-a-kind industry attention, networking opportunities and dream workshops. At the semifinalist level and beyond, judges include professional writers and representatives from major studios and production companies actively seeking scripts and talent”


  • Slamdance Screenwriting and Teleplay Competition

deadlines: April 6th, June 11th, July 23rd and July 31st 

The Slamdance Screenwriting and Teleplay Competition is dedicated to discovering and supporting emerging writing talent. We welcome screenplays in every genre, any budget, on any topic, from anywhere in the world. A unique feature of the competition is providing constructive feedback for every entrant”


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Deadlines, Deadlines, Deadlines for Screenwriters

Ah, it’s that time of year again. The sun is shining, flowers are beginning to bloom, Spring is finally showing its beautiful face. However, this time of year, particularly this month is when aspiring writers throughout the world will spend the most time indoors. Why? Say it with me: Deadlines, deadlines, and yes, more deadlines. The countless hours spent in the writer’s cave can absolutely payoff as placing as a finalist in any of the competitions below could be the big break of your career. I’ve shared the lineup that I’ve selected for myself and my first feature screenplay. Perhaps you’d like to join in on the fun?
  • Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting

deadline: May 1st

“The Academy’s Don and Gee Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting is an international screenwriting competition established to identify and encourage talented new” screenwriters. Up to five $35,000 Fellowships are awarded annually”


  • Sundance Screenwriter’s Lab 

deadline: May 1st

“A five-day workshop for developing scripts held twice a year in January and June. Those chosen to participate develop their films under the concentrated guidance of veteran filmmakers and actors”  


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Unchained Resources: Just get to the rough cut

I finally found out how he does it. The ultimate indie-actor-turned-director Edward Burns had me scratching my head for a while. I mean the man is currently promoting yet another feature film made for next to nothing, starring, written and directed by himself. Tweets like this were just blasphemy.

 “Newlyweds shooting budget: 5k for actors, 2k insurance, 2k food and drink. 9k in the can. We only shot 12 days. That’s how to make an independent film.” – Ed Burns via Twitter

So I did what I always do – I went to Google the truth. It took some sifting through articles like “Ed Burns cranks out film for just $9,000” and “Ed Burns Shoots a $9,000 Feature with his 5D“and browsing the guy’s tweets but I got my “ah-ha!” moment after all. Cue drumroll, please.

“The film, which is his 10th as a writer-director, cost just $9,000 to shoot on location in Manhattan, though the final budget, after postproduction costs, was closer to $125,000.” – Ed Burns in Chicago Tribune

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