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More than a diversity hire: WGAW’s Female Asian Comedy Writers Panel notes


(Photo from wga.org)

Have you checked out the Writers Guild of America, West Youtube channel lately? I stumbled upon a great panel called “Bring The Funny: Celebrating Asian Women Writers”. Although I’m all about shouting out Brown Women filmmakers, I can’t say that I’m too familiar with today’s female scribes working on the small screen (aside from Shonda Rhimes and Mindy Kaling). So I grabbed a pen and took a few notes that I wanted to share. I think most of the advice from these successful women could apply to both aspiring TV and film professionals.

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The Golden Rule Of Running a TV Show

“Quality scripts on time.”

Imprint this on your brain right now. Thanks to the Writer’s Guild of America West’s most recent conversation on their Showrunner Training Program, you, my friend, are now in the know. Which means you’re already a step ahead of the hundreds of others just starting out and that is never a bad thing in this industry. Everyday it seems like there’s another article proclaiming there are increasingly more job opportunities in cable television (check out “The Big Picture: Hollywood’s creative talent wants to be on cable” from The LA Times) than Hollywood filmmaking in terms of dynamic storytelling. If you’re thinking about making the big switch over to the small screen (really this can even apply to all writers of visual mediums), I repeat Emmy Award-winning executive producer Jeff Melvoin’s wise words: “Quality scripts on time.” 

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