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4 Fests You Should Enter This Week

…because all it takes is ONE festival screening to change everything.

Full Frame Documentary Festival
April 3 – 6, 2014 

Durham, North Carolina

Early Deadline: August 15 – October 15
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4 Fests You Should Enter This Week

…because all it takes is ONE festival screening to change everything.

Fantastic Fest (September 19 – 26)

Austin, TX

Withoutabox.com Extended Deadline: June 28

“Fantastic Fest is the largest genre film festival in the U.S., specializing in horror, fantasy, sci-fi, action and just plain fantastic movies from all around the world.”

Accepts horror, sci-fi, fantasy, or related genre films (black comedy, crime, magic realism, action, suspense, etc) feature-length and short films

Website: http://fantasticfest.com/submit  
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Queue it Up: Andrea Arnold’s “Wuthering Heights” now on DVD


Sean said it “shatters our heart in the final 20 minutes” and now you can judge for yourself. “Wuthering Heights” directed by Andrea Arnold (FISH TANK) hits DVD and Blu-ray this week. This latest adaptation of the famous novel by Emily Brontë stars Kaya Scodelario (“Skins”) and James Howson. Fun fact: Howson is the first Black actor to play Heathcliff.
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Protagonistas: Melissa Silverstein

Protagonistas – Protagonist – Person of the day, 5 days a week!



Writer: In Her Voice: Women Directors Talk Directing

I had the pleasure of meeting this extraordinary woman a few weeks ago at the Athena Film Festival in Manhattan. She’s super sweet, and she’s passionate about spreading the word on how hard it is for females to break into this male-dominated field, let alone Continue reading

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QUEUE IT UP: Jane Campion’s “Top of the Lake” Episode 1 Now Free On iTunes


“A detective investigates the disappearance of a 12-year-old pregnant daughter of a local drug lord.” Starring Elisabeth Moss, Cohen Holloway and Holly Hunter.

Looks like we can all catch a sneak peek of Jane Campion’s new mini-series before the official March 18th broadcast premiere on Sundance Channel. Watch the first hour of the six-episode mini-series on iTunes now. The show was featured at this year’s Sundance Film Festival in a one-day only, six-hour screening that I unfortunately could not make. The trailer caught my eye and I’m intrigued by film directors crossing over to television like David Fincher (“House of Cards” on Netflix) and now Campion.
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Filmmaker Quote of the Day: Andrea Arnold

“If you think about a film being a very popular and expressive way of showing a mirror on life, we’re getting a mainly male perspective. It’s a shame.”

– Andrea Arnold, Director (WUTHERING HEIGHTS, FISH TANK)


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Filmmaker Quote of the Day: Jane Campion



“One of the things we learn in movies directed by men is what the ‘fantasy woman’ is. What we learn in movies directed by women is what real women are about. I don’t think that men see things wrong and women right, just that we do see things differently.”

– Jane Campion, Director (the only woman to have won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes film festival for her second feature, THE PIANO in 1993)



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Filmmaker Quote of the Day: Julie Dash

“…I wanted to tell a story that was authentic to African American culture – authentic to the point where it was not like something you could turn on the television and see. I wanted it to be more like a foreign film and so deeply into the culture that it appeared to be foreign.”

– Julie Dash, Director (DAUGHTERS OF THE DUST, the first feature film by a Black woman to be released theatrical in the U.S. in 1991.)

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