Write for Us

We’re very excited to be announcing an open call for additional blog contributors. Have you got something worthwhile to say about the film and TV industry? The authors here at Indies Unchained originally created this space to muse on our loves, frustrations and new discoveries about the craft we’ve spent four years studying. In an attempt to further expand documenting the journey of “breaking in by breaking out”, we’re seeking new voices from folks eager to share their perspective.

It’s also impossible for the four of us to cover every fact of what it means to be an indie in today’s ever-changing times. We hope to bring on contributors of various backgrounds: in and outside of Los Angeles and New York City, college/post-grad/self-taught, emerging and veteran. As an Indies Unchained author, we ask that you publish at least 1 new post a week on a topic of your choosing (please browse through the MONTHLY ARCHIVES to get a feel for the blog) on a designated day of the week (Mon-Sat).  If you’re interested, please send a sample post of 1000 words or less to indiesunchained@gmail.com.

For guest bloggers, we are especially seeking out writers who could profile film festivals, screenings and share expertise in their field/lessons learned throughout one’s career thus far.



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